Cameras Have Rumors Too ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whenever I get to hang out with my blogger friends whether in an event or just catching up and hanging around, one of the topics that usually makes its way to the conversation is the subject of cameras.

My blogger friends who have DSLRs would share photography tips and techniques , show their new digicam accessories or get excited about upcoming cameras in the market.

Even though I have my own set of cameras (I'm still a Fuji & Olympus fan), I've seen that a lot of my friends own either a Nikon or Canon camera. I can't really relate that much when they talk about their cameras but I enjoy the passion and thrill they exhilarate.

So for my Nikon enthusiasts, photographer, proconsumer fanatic friends, here's a site I discovered earlier: and for Canon buffs, there's

And for the general public who may happen to own other camera brands, there's
Learn the latest unofficial news about your favorite camera brands. May you get hyped up by rumors and sneak-peeks at future releases and start saving to buy before they come out.

Note: The camera in the photo isn't mine. I wish it was.

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  1. Wither you are user of a canon, nikon, fuji and etc, that is all depends of the photographer. Photography is a matter of personal experience naman, di ba? Kahit mahal pang armas mo but if you don't know how to shoot the techniques, it's nothing.

    But if you are an expert or professional photographer, I still go with good camera gears.

  2. i agree. you can be the best you are with what cam you have.