300 People Participate in a Pinoy Flash Mob Dance

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A couple of bloggers, including me and some guests from the media were invited to the Mall of Asia last August 8. All we knew was that Jollibee invited us to witness an exciting event. We had no clue what the event was nor what was is about. Everything was kept a secret.

All we were told was to proceed to the 2nd floor of the main building near the entrance cause we would have the best view of the event. When we all got there, we were as clueless as all the other mall-goers strolling around the mall and shopping.

And then we heard loud dance music. We looked down and saw a guy breakdancing. A few seconds after, the people nearby who looked like innocent mall-goers suddenly joined in the dancing. By this time, the dancers caught the people's attention who gathered around to watch what was going on. People watching at the ground level were constantly surprised cause a guy or girl beside them would immediately join in on the dancing. Little by little, people of all ages and different walks of life were dancing in sync to such wonderful choreography.

Soon were we to discover that the total people dancing reached a whopping 300 ! Kids, teens, adults, parents and even some grandparents were part of the exciting dance. Then, all of them took off their shirts, revealing a Jollibee t-shirt underneath. The newest Jollibee jingle "Iisang Sarap" by Parokya ni Edgar was played and they all danced to the catchy song commemorating the Jollibee Yumburger. 3 huge tarpaulins on the 2nd floor were also unveiled simultaneously revealing the cause of the event.

The dance lasted for four solid minutes of fun, excitement and surprise. It was so exciting to witness one of the country's biggest viral campaigns.

I figured that there must have been a huge amount of planning and secrecy to make this event possible. And I was right. The dance was choreographed by much-renowned dance gurus, Whiplash and directed by popular TV and music video director, Mark Reyes. Aside from that, you have 300 people who were in on the big secret that rehearsed for this big event. And the SM Mall of Asia had to be in on the secret too, but despite the easy urge to promote the event, they stuck to its essence to catch everybody offguard and witness the biggest flash mob dance in the Philippines.

It's so exciting that I hope I could be a part of something like this in the future... and be one of those dancing and surprising people.

Check out their official website at http://bestyoucanbee.com

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