WWE Smackdown / ECW in Manila Results

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It was a rainy Friday afternoon as the WWE Superstars from Smackdown and ECW brands were scheduled to perform in Manila, Philippines as part of the last leg of the South East Asia tour on July 10, 2009.  Yet the downpour didn't stop wrestling fans to attend the one-night only event at the Araneta Coliseum.   

There were lots of excited kids, fans with their favorite WWE shirts, some lucky people with title belts and face masks and those people who have witty signs set to hold up high during matches.   

Here are some highlights:

  • A guy wearing a Mysterio mask at the Upper Box area got fans all excited that a lot of people had their picture taken with him.  He also kept on making the Mysterio sign of the cross trademark from the top of the steel stairs which made fans cheer for him.
  • Christian worked up the crowd a lot and he got everyone to cheer for him and Tommy Dreamer, and boo the hell out of Swagger.  He even got the crowd to cheer for the referee who got the loudest props.
  • The Great Khali was huge and Maria, even though she was just a special guest referee, was the sexiest of all the Divas.
  • Despite allof Chris Jericho's dissing the Pinoys at the event, everybody still cheered for him.  I guess he was wondering why no one was getting pissed.
  • It was an honor to have WWE hall-of-famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat on board the Smackdown/ECW tour, even if only to be a guest referee.
  • Gail Kim shined in the Divas tag team match with her high-flying fast-paced moves and earned new-found respect and appreciation for those who weren't familiar with her.
  • Before the match, Chris Jericho told Rey Mysterio he'd remove off his mask... and he did  when he threw Mysterio out of the ring during the early part of the match.   Mysterio had to cover his face for a while and put his mask back on.  Everybody stood up to see what he looked like but the ring blocked the view for most.

Here are the results:

  • John Morrison defeats Shelton Benjamin
  • Mark Henry defeats Evan Bourne
  • Divas Match
    Gail Kim and Melina defeats Michelle McCool and Alicia
    Special Guest Referee: Maria
  • The Great Khali defeats Ziggler
  • Triple Threat Match for the ECW Title
    Christian vs. Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer
    Tommy Dreamer pins Swagger to retain title
  • Intercontintal Title Match
    Rey Mysterio defeats Chris Jericho to retain title
    Special Guest Referee: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
  • World Heavyweight Title Match
    CM Punk defeats Jeff Hardy to retain title

Too bad Edge was injured.  He was one of the main-event wrestlers everybody wanted to see.   The Undertaker, Matt Hardy, Umaga and Kane weren't on the tour either.  Everybody was hopefully anticipating Batista to make a surprise appearance, even if only to greet the fans.  But I guess due to his injury, he didn't make it.

I had a great time and with all my cheering and booing going on for the faces and heels,  I got tired by the time it was the last match where fan-cheering was at an all-time high.  I guess I need to conserve my cheers next time so I can make it to the end. hahahaha!

Overall, this is still a WWE event and I love WWE !  Thanks and looking forward to the next WWE Philippine tour !

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  1. Yes the WWE house show last friday was very entertaining and i enjoyed it too. Eventhough there were only a few stars in smackdown unlike in Raw still the Filipinos are very appreciative. I love WWE too... Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. i like the news even if it does not really picture in words the fights....reading the results are great coz i did not buy a ticket...so thanks for the info....i love wwe n watch it always, even replays....God bless u all

  3. Since your a big WWE Fan You may want to check this guy's WWE DVD & Wrestling Memorabilia Collection website.


    He's a proud filipino who's collection been featured on WWE Magazine & various TV programs here in our country.

  4. Thanks for sharing. :) I got to visit his site when someone posted pics on local forums and everyone drooled cause he had pics with almost every single WWE wrestler beside him when the WWE Smackdown/ECW roster visited for their Philippine tour.

    He's one real hard-core WWE fan and proud to be Filipino !