Cutting Edge Scissors

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm not surprised when new gadgets come around at such a fast turnover. Based on Moore's law, circuitry doubles every 2 years. And it holds true for processor speed, data storage, bandwidth and the like.

Then on the other hand, there are common things that you wouldn't expect to go beyond what it has been for all time - take office supplies. I guess you could argue that pens used to be feathers with ink on the tips, a far cry of what the ergonomic ballpens are of today. Pencils used to have lead... and they still do until now. Paper has been sold in more forms and colors now, but it's still paper. Paste and glue are still sticky as it was decades ago. So what could possibly push these common office supplies to a higher level ?

That's exactly my question until I found this in my e-mail. Hi-tech scissors. These two scissors have their own unique features. The first one isn't fancy... just your plain 'ol pair of scissors. But it has a built-in laser beam to serve as a guide for cutting. Now that's pretty impressive. If it would make my crooked cutting straight, then, the laser would come in handy !

The 2nd pair of scissors is more of a shredder. If you need to destroy important documents, this 5 stainless steel blade scissors will make 5 shreds in one cut. It's like using 5 scissors at once !

I haven't seen both of these yet but I'd like to take a look at them first hand.
Just when you thought scissors couldn't get any better, they do. Now ain't that on the cutting edge !

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