Represent the Philippines for WWE's Street Team

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've been a subscriber for the Wrestling Online newsletter for over 8 years. And I've been their unofficial Philippine correspondent sending them WWE news whenever WWE comes to the Philippines for house shows. That's how big a fan I am of wrestling.

That's why I was excited to learn that WWE is looking for fans to be a part of their new International Street Team program.

This new initiative is available to fans worldwide. A person from each country will be chosen to monitor WWE television shows, confirm time slots and provide feedback on the company's presence in their country. Members who will be chosen will be receiving free tickets to shows, exclusive merchandise and more.

I would've applied for this but WWE is predominantly being aired on Jack TV and I don't get to watch the remaining Raw and Smackdown shows on RPN 9 on Saturday nights. Plus, I don't think I would have any time left to do this. Otherwise, it is a great opportnunity to let the WWE and the world know you're a fan.

Goodluck and let me know if you make it to the WWE ! Represent !

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  1. Hey bro...I was searching the net about the WWE Street Team. I'm from Singapore and they sent me an email earlier in the morning to inform that I've been selected!! I'm so happy. Just thought I'd share this with you. I did a blog post about their email. Here's the link?

  2. Hi Noel !

    That's great ! So I guess you'll be known as Mr. WWE there and believe me, that's a huge honor ! :)

    I bet you can't wait till WWE tours Singapore ! :) Congrats !

  3. Hi Jay!

    I think I might just be hated over here. Most folks would ask "why him and not me??!".

    It's been awhile since WWE came back to Singapore. I'm hoping Raw comes here one day.

    I hope all is good in the Philippines! =)

  4. @noel:

    Smackdown and ECW just visited the Philippines last June. Hope we get more WWE action here in Asia.

    Don't think of it as joining the Mr. McMahon's kiss my ass club. LOL!

    Just do your best and people will know you deserve to be in the street team.

    if they diss ya, tell them that you will summon the Undertaker to personally deal with them... and make that cut throat gesture while rolling your eyeballs backward... hehehehe!

  5. Hey bro!

    I'm from the Philippines as well and I was selected as a part of the street team here.. I already finished doing a weekly survey for them and just today, I get another email from them. I don't know how many people were selected to represent each country, but I'm lucky I am one of them!

  6. @ace uy ! kababayan ! congrats for making it to the WWE street team ! ilan kayo nakuha ? What stuff do you do for WWE ? keep us posted ha ! thanks!

  7. @jay: I have no idea kung ilan kaming nakuha for the Street Team but basically, they send you surveys regarding local WWE programming, they want to confirm the channel and time slot of their programs in our country. Then they'll be asking what kinds of advertisements were shown during the telecast (upcoming shows, PPV hypes, merchandize etc.) As a reward, we are told that we'll receive exclusive premium WWE merchandise, which I don't have an idea of what it is.. But earlier, I got an email asking my address where they would ship the items.. I am so excited about this and I'll keep you posted about developments! Thanks!

  8. @Ace: wow ! exciting yan ha !
    Di na ako nakakapanood ng WWE when Skycable removed JackTV from the regular lineup. Pero basta pumupunta ang WWE dito sa Pinas, I'll always watch live. I only get updated now by the wrestling newsletter I get in my e-mail everyday. Hanggang basa lang for now. Saan pwede makita yung mga skeds ng WWE on local TV sa net ?

    Keep us WWE fans posted ha ! Thanks at mabuhay ka Ace ! :)

  9. Hey bro, here's an amazing update!
    I just received this morning my first reward as part of the WWE Street Team, pics would be uploaded later, its a set of WWE Street Team white polo-shirt (which is quite oversized)and a nice black baseball cap with the Street Team logo embroidered in it. I was so stunned to see it arrive. That's all for now!

  10. one of the OFFICIAL WWE STREET TEAM MEMBERS..hope we can set up a gathering when WWE visits MANILA,,,DONT FORGET TO WATCH WWE PROGRAMMING.. ONLY ON JACKTV