My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here's my personal 10 choices for influential blogs for 2009.

Marikina Life - know what you can do and where to go in the beautiful clean city of Marikina

JayDJ's Photoblog - I'm voting for my personal photo blog. I post photos I think are worth sharing.

Numbrd - looking at the world in terms of numbers

Pinoy Tech Podcast - one of the new tech podcasts. Talking about tech stuff without much of the nosebleed techie terms.

Let's Go Sago! - It's the travel and food blog of my blogger friend Jonel. Plus, I like sago. :)

Patay Gutom - a food blog with a twisted but catchy name !

Gagong Kasabihan - If you don't want to think much, this is the blog to visit. Kababawan lang, ayos na !

Video Chops - video blogs really take much effort. Imagine the hours and effort of creating a video just to go in to a simple post where other blogs only need to type a few words.

Cebu Bloggers - I've met a lot of Cebu bloggers and they've united to share their thoughts online.

The Thirsty Blogger - I love to drink and taste new drinks. What better way to share what you've tried than to blog about it.

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