Jumbled Letters, Different Blog

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I just discovered a blog which has a blog URL similarly close to mine.

Blog Discovery: http://kayjd.blogspot.com/
My Blog: http://jaydj.blogspot.com/

At first glance, almost all the letters could be jumbled up to form my blog address.
When I visited the link, I found out that it was a personal blog of a certain JD, which also happens to be my initials, but is purely coincidental.

I remember when I applied for an NBI clearance years ago that I was being questioned about my name cause their records show that I "supposedly" had a police record for beating up someone in Pasay. I told the officer, that I don't live there. He accusingly replied "What if you went to Pasay to beat him up ?". Well, they later found out it wasn't me when they checked both of our middle names.

My point ? No point. I'm just sharing my discovery which I find amusing.

And then there's a real DJ's blog over at

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