Strapless... Timeless

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My swatch watch's strap got busted 2 weeks ago and since then, I haven't been wearing a watch on my wrist.

I'm not used to not wearing a watch since knowing the time at any given time is cruicial for me. My wrist also feels bare.

I remember though my college English teacher asked one day which one of us didn't wear watches. Only one out of my 20 classmates raised her hand and our teacher said "Great ! You are not bounded by time. You are free." It sounded nice.. but I didn't agree with her 100%. I just remember that my reaction that day is the same as it is now... "How the hell can you survive a day without knowing the time ?"

In this day and age of technology, time is critical in applications, especially computer-based ones. And so how am I getting by without a watch ? Well, I'm currently relying on my computer, celphone and any clock or watch I can find nearby. I also get to ask people now... "Excuse me, anong oras na ?"

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  1. sabi ng lit theory prof namin, 'time is a state of mind.'

    i suddenly remebered. wala lang.

  2. cool ! and at this state, my mind needs to know the time. LOL!

    parang philosophy na ...