Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Aside from being the name of one of our dogs years back, Skippy is also my favorite dessert (next to leche flan). It may sound weird but when I'm at home, I just get a teaspoon after the meal and take out the peanut butter from the refrigerator. I take a big scoop (half an inch high at least) and lick off the top as if it were coating until the mound of peanut butter slowly flattens until it's consumed.

Of course, it's more difficult to use the same technique on the "chunky" versions of Skippy where you have pieces of chopped (but not fine) peanuts.

I ran out of peanut butter yesterday so I passed by the supermarket.
I was disappointed though that I couldn't find any Skippy branded peanut butter. So I settled for a whimsy Peter Pan. I'm not too keen on their mascot on the label looking gayish, but I hope the super rich honey-flavored peanut butter edition of theirs is enough to make me look past Peter Pan's costume.

Happy scooping !

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