Smells Like Teen Smoke Spirit

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I just came from Virgin Cafe, the bar/restaurant/gig venue along Tomas Morato.

You can't smell it while you're there cause I guess it's everywhere and you get immune to it, but I swear the moment you get out from the enclosed canned airconditioned joint to the fresh, unadulterated atmosphere (or at least around 2am it is), that's where you'll start to smell your clothes, and boy do they smell !

It's the distinct scent of cigarette smoke which clings to your clothes like a leech; rendering your clothes unusable for anything afterwards with a non-stop one-way ticket to the laundry.

I need to take a shower as well cause I feel as if the smoke has penetrated my clothing walls and silently sinked into my skin.

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  1. Ay nako. First time I was subjected to such torture was during my friend's debut afterparty sa Decades. I had to shampoo my hair three times kasi ayaw talaga maalis yung amoy ng sigarilyo. Last year naman, sinama ako ni Chel sa Gweilo's Libis para sa presscon ng Muziklaban. I had to shampoo my hair 5 times kasi mas enclosed yung bar at mas maraming smokers. Plus kinailangan ko pang isampay mga damit ko para sumingaw yung kumapit na cig stench. Hayy never again.