Monday, September 25, 2006

I was driving along Buenda yesterday going to Mall of Asia. It was a Sunday so the usual Makati Business District traffic was non-existent.

Upon entering the Buendia stretch from the C5 bridge, I witnessed a motorcycle at top speed disengage from the driver and both of them tumbling over and over separately. I had no idea how it happened since it was all happening at an instant. Good thing the driver wore a helmet cause I actually saw his helmet bounce on the concrete while tumbling at a fast pace. All the cars behind came an abrupt stop to give way to the unfortunate driver and check as well whether he was fine or not.

He was able to get up after a few seconds. Seems he only got some minor bruises. I don't know if his bike is okey too. Another guy on a motorcycle tried to help him but the shaken up guy kinda said something to the other guy and made some pointing signs towards a speeding car almost disappearing in sight. I guess he signaled the guy to catch up with the car. So it seems like it's a hit and run.

It was a scary sight. You see these kinds of accidents on TV but you can never prepare yourself for the shock of witnessing it live right in front of you.

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