Friendster Frenzy

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A couple of nights ago, I was with my college computer science kabarkada, Kristine. She's based in Singapore and is here on vacation and to celebrate her birthday in the Philippines for a change (Happy Birthday Kristine!).

We met up and and hung out at the nearest Starbucks and reminisced about our college days and updated each other on the whereabouts of our other college peers.

Along with my new (hi-tech) 3G-capable phone, I also brought my (not-so-hitech) laptop and decided that since we were talking about our friends which we couldn't seem to remember their full names, I booted up and went online to where else but...

I tell you it was such an easier exchange of stories viewing our friends on our friendster accounts while learning about our other classmates whereabouts and getting updated on what they're doing and more especially, how they look now. Thanks to friendster for letting users upload their self-portraits. :)

It was the day after that I realized that most of the people I know who have a friendster account have way many more friends/contacts than I do. I was envious of Kristine's friendster account who had way more contacts and friends than mine. So I decided to spend an hour searching for my other friends whom are not on my friendster list yet, to beef up my friendster count so to speak. I think after all that searching within an hour, I only found 10 more friends.

So for those who are reading this and know me personally, add me up on friendster. PLEASE !!!!
hahahaha ! No I'm not that desperate. But I'd appreciate the add up. Cya on friendster soon !

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