I'm 3G baby !!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

After more than two years, I finally bought myself a new phone. I was pretty much satisfied with my old Siemens M55 phone as I didn't long for video, camera, memory cards, bluetooth and other features newer phones have.

I was actually canvassing for a low budget phone, simply because my old phone became stubborn when pressing the keys. I guess after two years of pressing something, it will refuse to be pressed afterwards. I only wanted a replacement that had better keypress and a bit more color (65K as opposed to my 4K color phone).

Anyway, the turning point of getting a high-tech phone was when I witnessed a 3G phone being connected to a laptop and getting DSL speeds instantly. When I saw that, I thought to myself, I need that. Fancy phones - not too keen.. can live without, but fast internet mobile connection - it's a must for my profession.

And so after a week of canvassing and searching in shops for this extremely hard-to-find phone, I finally got one at a premium price. Behold the Sony Ericsson K608i. :)

Even though the price has increased by P2,000. cause it's phased out, it's still the chepeast 3G phone available. I tried to connect the phone to my desktop and laptop and I get internet speeds of 15K/sec. which is much much better than my regular 3K/sec. dialup connection.

But now since I have the phone, I might as well utilize the other features. It's my first time to have a phone with a built-in camera. My digital SLR is still way more superior than the pics taken here, but I may use it for those times I don't have my camera with me. I still have to learn the other features. The manual given to me was in Malaysian. Good thing there are online manuals available on the Sony Ericsson Website.

For more details on this phone, check this link out.

3G baby ! Watch out ! I'm on the internet highway with a Ferrari now! Am short on gas though.

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