23 August 2009

LTO Advertising Expired Website ?

The Land Transportation Office or more popularly known as LTO has their official website located at http://www.lto.gov.ph.

Two months ago when I renewed my license, I was handed a flyer promoting their newest online service. Their catch phrase was "Why fall in line when you can go online. Transact Now @ LTO Online". The ad said to log on to http://go.lto.net.ph

So I decided to check it out and got this message:
The name lto.net.ph has expired

I found out that the domain expired last July 19, 2009. Does that mean that the online service has been discontinued ? Could it be that the website is still fully working and just an oversight to renew the domain ?

So as for the online part, it's offline. But much worse is that the domain has expired making it up for grabs.

Let's hope that a promoted online service stays online.


Raquel said...

Nice post po. Sayang naman if they are using the expired domain for a number of years. I don't think they forgotten to renew though.

For me, I like the lto.gov.ph. Mas maganda ang .gov if you are running a government agency than the .net extension.

JayDJ said...

@Raquel i think more of marketing strategy yung paggamit nung .net domain. their primary site is still the lto.gov.ph . tingin ko mabuting pinagsama lahat into one site than make another one with the functionality. whaddyathink?

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