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31 August 2009

Capiz Light

close up of a lighted Capiz lamp decor hanging at the corner of Henry's Good Earth restaurant at Forbes Town Center, The Fort

30 August 2009

Sway To The Wind

a line of pine trees swaying to the cool breeze east of Manila

29 August 2009

Silhouette of Our National Hero

silhouette of the great Jose Rizal at Intramuros

28 August 2009

Are You A Krispy Kreme Fan ?

One of things I love about Krispy Kreme is that it's not just about buying donuts. Krispy Kreme is an experience.

What kind of experience ? There's lots to tell. If you go to one of their donut factories, you get to watch an assembly line of donuts being dispatched at the "finish line" and ready to be served hot and fresh off the grill. When their krispy Kreme logo is lighted up, you get a free donut. Each time they open a new branch, they offer cool promos for the first few guests. They also introduce new and exciting themed donuts coupled with your favorite brands like the Chocolate Kreme Cakes made with Oreo, Hershey's Cookies and Kreme and Chocolate Karnival. They cater to the times like during the UAAP college basketball season where they introduced blue and green sprinkled donuts representing Ateneo and La Salle respectively. The list just goes on and on. Krispy Kreme just seems to come up with something new all the time.

Their latest promo is the Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo where everyone has a chance to win a year's supply of doughnuts including a trip to Krispy Kreme headquarters ! To celebrate 72 years of service (6 dozen in Krispy Kreme numerology), Krispy Kreme announces a worldwide search for its number one fan.

The Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo is open to 9 countries, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, United Kingdom and the Philippines (aren't we lucky ?). To join, all you need to do is go to http://www.krispykremefavefan.com , click on the Submit Entry and complete the form. The form also requires you to answer the question "How has Krispy Kreme made your life special?" ( in a maximum of 1,000 characters). Include a photo with your entry and you automatically have a chance to be selected as the Krispy Kreme Fave Fan for the Philippines. Winners from all participating countries will win a year's supply of donuts plus a trip for two to the Home of Krispy Kreme. You'll also get the chance to design your ultimate donut !

Also join the Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo Facebook page and be amongst the thousands of fans the ever-growing Krispy Kreme community has.

Hurry and submit your entries now cause the deadline for joining ends September 15, 2009, 11:59:59 p.m. Philippine time.

Log on now to http://www.krispykremefavefan.com and tell Krispy Kreme how they made your life special.

27 August 2009

Social Traps

There are times when you see someone coming your way and you'd rather not see them, be seen by them, greet them or talk to them at all. In cases like these, you could just avoid the person.

If you see the person in a corridor, you could take the stairs, take a u-turn and go another direction, bow down to hide your face, turn your head the other way as if you had a stiff neck, or if you have the guts and ability, look the person straight in the eye in an emotionless state (dedma).

It's not that easy to avoid someone when you're in an escalator or an elevator. That's why I call these 2: social traps. You'll just have to endure being with the person you're avoiding because you have no complete control over the machine you're taking.

When you're in an escalator, you are bound to see everyone at the opposite side. And if you're already on the escalator, there's no turning back. You could always go back and walk double time. But that would catch more attention. Plus, if you don't have the agility, by the time you've jumped off, chances are, the person you're avoiding just stepped down from the other side. The best way is simply to look away or hold a huge newspaper in front of you.

Elevators offer a different awkward situation, especially if you and the person you're avoiding are the two last people left inside. What's difficult about this situation is that you have very limited options. Due to the elevator's size, there's no way to distance yourself from the other person. There's not much room to look away and you're bound to get closer against your will when you have to press the floor on the elevator panel. In addition, and depending on how many floors both of you are going to, the torture ride must be endured anywhere from 10 seconds (fast elevators going up or down only 1 floor) to 3 minutes (old buildings with super slow elevators and it stops on every floor with no one getting inside).

Just how can you avoid someone in an elevator ? Facing the other way looks stupid. It's like riding a rollercoaster and facing the back. If the elevator had other people, you could manuever your way to hide beside or behind someone. If you're really desperate, you could get off the next floor and wait it out or take the stairs.

A worst case scenario is you're in an elevator with the person you're avoiding and you and the person are the only two people inside. Things keep awkwardly quiet. You start to perspire in anxiety and suddenly, the worst thing you were hoping wouldn't happen, happens. The person makes an initiative to talk to you. Do you want to acknowledge ? Hell no ! You've been avoiding this person. Ignoring the acknowledgement would only make the person think you didn't hear it well. But in an close-to-empty elevator with only the two of you in complete silence (unless there's elevator music but that's a at minimal volume), it's very hard to convince the person you didn't hear them (unless your tone-deaf).

So what do you do ?

You could place earphones on your ears. Whether you're actually listening to music or not isn't important. In this case, it tells the other person you may not have heard them. But that may also just make the situation worse, especially if instead of talking to you, the person taps you to signal they're talking to you.

So what do you do then ?

You could pretend you're on the phone with someone but would have to constantly talk so the person wouldn't have any chance at all to butt-in and have social time with you. In this case, you're not granting the person any chat time by pretending to be talking with someone else. And if you're going up several floors, you'll need to know how to talk constantly without pause.

So what's the best thing to do ?

Don't take these social traps if you have a hunch you'll be caught in an unforeseen and awkward situation. But then again, how do you know when these things happen ? They just do. So just be prepared how to handle them. And if I were you, I'd take the stairs.

But that's just me.


a bunch of colorful balloons

26 August 2009

Cameras Have Rumors Too ?

Whenever I get to hang out with my blogger friends whether in an event or just catching up and hanging around, one of the topics that usually makes its way to the conversation is the subject of cameras.

My blogger friends who have DSLRs would share photography tips and techniques , show their new digicam accessories or get excited about upcoming cameras in the market.

Even though I have my own set of cameras (I'm still a Fuji & Olympus fan), I've seen that a lot of my friends own either a Nikon or Canon camera. I can't really relate that much when they talk about their cameras but I enjoy the passion and thrill they exhilarate.

So for my Nikon enthusiasts, photographer, proconsumer fanatic friends, here's a site I discovered earlier: http://nikonrumors.com and for Canon buffs, there's http://www.canonrumors.com

And for the general public who may happen to own other camera brands, there's http://photorumors.com
Learn the latest unofficial news about your favorite camera brands. May you get hyped up by rumors and sneak-peeks at future releases and start saving to buy before they come out.

Note: The camera in the photo isn't mine. I wish it was.

Bottomless Tea

stack of cups ready for hot tea

25 August 2009

National Geographic To Air Filipino Documentary

One of the channels I enjoy watching is National Geographic. You won't find any of their shows aired anywhere. That's because they take pride in providing new and original shows. It's also a very educational channel and as much as you learn from every show, you don't feel like your confined in a classroom setting. It makes learning entertaining.

Last week, National Geographic International has announced the premiere of "Asia's Titanic," a one hour exclusive about the MV Dona Paz ocean distaster in 1987. MV Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker in the evening few days before Christmas. The accident is considered one of the most tragic in Asia as 4,000 passengers died and only a handful of people lived to tell of this tragedy.

This documentary is also a first for a Filipino filmmaker to direct and produce a documentary that equals the hallmark standards of National Geographic. Director Yam Laranas and his team had to adhere to several guidelines in producing top quality documentaries that National Geographic standards hold.

The project took a total of 3 years in the making. Aside from the filming, the project involved extensive research which included interviewing survivors and rescuers for first-hand accounts, actual transscripts from the Philippine congressional inquiry regarding the tragedy, archival actual footage and photos and the re-enactment of the collision.

"Asia's Titanic" will premiere on the National Geographic Channel (Sky Cable Channel 41) on August 25, 2009 at 9:00pm. with replays on the following dates and times:

August 25, 8:00pm (Tuesday)
August 26, 4:00am (Wednesday)
August 26, 9:00am (Wednesday)
August 26, 1:00pm (Wednesday)
August 26, 9:00pm (Wednesday)
August 30, 9:00pm (Sunday)
August 31, 1:00am (Monday)
August 31, 5:00am (Monday)

September 5, 6:00pm (Saturday)
September 28, 8:00pm (Monday)
September 29, 1:00pm (Tuesday)

Don't miss this Filipino documentary of a Filipino tragedy, only on National Geographic.


jumping with one hand behind her back

24 August 2009

How Many Candles ?

centerpiece and a chandelier. So how many candles are there ?

23 August 2009

LTO Advertising Expired Website ?

The Land Transportation Office or more popularly known as LTO has their official website located at http://www.lto.gov.ph.

Two months ago when I renewed my license, I was handed a flyer promoting their newest online service. Their catch phrase was "Why fall in line when you can go online. Transact Now @ LTO Online". The ad said to log on to http://go.lto.net.ph

So I decided to check it out and got this message:
The name lto.net.ph has expired

I found out that the domain expired last July 19, 2009. Does that mean that the online service has been discontinued ? Could it be that the website is still fully working and just an oversight to renew the domain ?

So as for the online part, it's offline. But much worse is that the domain has expired making it up for grabs.

Let's hope that a promoted online service stays online.

Boing !

a ballpen spring

22 August 2009

Twirled Lamp

A regular lamp photo twirled with the help of Irfanview.
(lamp art inspired by the Lamp Art Blog)

Of Planes and Airports

Ever since I was a kid, airplanes and airports fascinate me. I don't like riding planes. I just like watching them fly and soar in the air. I also don't like checking in airports to fly. I just like the botiques and gift shops inside. I like the restaurants and quick food stalls. I like looking at their departure and arrival monitors to know which plane is coming and going where and when. I like watching the planes take off and land. I like listening to the voice over announcing which gate is ready for boarding or which plane has just landed. I like looking at different people from various walks of life: different citizenships, different races, different ages, different backgrounds.

It's not the same as a ship and a pier, or a bus and a bus terminal. Planes and Airports are huge.
Sometimes I think that if I'm stressed out, I could relieve my stress in an airport and just spend some time relaxing over a cup of coffee in the airport cafe.

And thanks to my fianceé, I've been able to visit more airports and ride on more planes. It still scares the hell out of me to ride a plane cause I easily get dizzy. And I can finish an entire container of tic-tacs (extra strength) even before the plane takes off. Yet, conquering my fear has compensated me with new places visited and new friends made.

Till the next flight or the next chance I get to set foot at an airport, happy travelling !

21 August 2009

Picking A Lock

My mom accidentally lost her keys. One of the keys in her keychain included 2 keys to her cabinet. Her cabinet had all her clothes there. Fortunately, there was a fresh batch of newly washed clothes that haven't been kept yet so she had time to look for her keys. But after 2 days, my mom still couldn't find them and then asked my dad and me to help her look for them.

We did look for it everywhere possible in their room but we just couldn't find it. We were hoping that it wasn't accidentally thrown in the garbage.

While we were all losing hope, I decided to try some other keys in hopes that one of them may open her cabinet even if it's not the actual key. I tried around 20 keys and none of them even budged.

With all options exhausted, I suddenly thought of the unthinkable... to pick the lock.

I've never picked a lock and I've only seen it done in movies and on TV. So I took a regular paperclip and deformed it to make it long enough to insert inside the keyhole. Then I took my precision screwdrive set and got the smallest screwdriver to help me maneuver around the lock.

After a couple of tries, I decided that I was thinking the impossible and it would never work. I then took a last look at one of the keys that looked similar to the lost keys and tried to manuever the keyhole again with the paperclip and screwdriver.

And after 20 minutes of trial and error, I shocked myself when I was able to open the cabinet ! I was ecstatic and astounded at the same time. And my next reaction was: "Hey ! I got a new skill !" There was still the other half of the cabinet locked and so to test my newly acquired skill and to prove to myself that it wasn't just luck, I tried picking the other lock.

Since I had some practice from the first lock, I was able to open this lock in 10 minutes. "So it's not luck !" I exclaimed. I was beginning to think if I could do this for other locks too, but didn't bother to try out any other lock cause I already spent around a half an hour trying to open the cabinet.

Funny thing about this all is that not more than 20 minutes after I was able to successfully pick and open two locked cabinet doors, my mom finally found her set of keys. I could've just waited a few more minutes and I wouldn't have to try opening the cabinet... but I didn't mind cause I acquired a new skill: "lock-picking".

20 August 2009

Screw You

a set of precision screwdrivers

300 People Participate in a Pinoy Flash Mob Dance

A couple of bloggers, including me and some guests from the media were invited to the Mall of Asia last August 8. All we knew was that Jollibee invited us to witness an exciting event. We had no clue what the event was nor what was is about. Everything was kept a secret.

All we were told was to proceed to the 2nd floor of the main building near the entrance cause we would have the best view of the event. When we all got there, we were as clueless as all the other mall-goers strolling around the mall and shopping.

And then we heard loud dance music. We looked down and saw a guy breakdancing. A few seconds after, the people nearby who looked like innocent mall-goers suddenly joined in the dancing. By this time, the dancers caught the people's attention who gathered around to watch what was going on. People watching at the ground level were constantly surprised cause a guy or girl beside them would immediately join in on the dancing. Little by little, people of all ages and different walks of life were dancing in sync to such wonderful choreography.

Soon were we to discover that the total people dancing reached a whopping 300 ! Kids, teens, adults, parents and even some grandparents were part of the exciting dance. Then, all of them took off their shirts, revealing a Jollibee t-shirt underneath. The newest Jollibee jingle "Iisang Sarap" by Parokya ni Edgar was played and they all danced to the catchy song commemorating the Jollibee Yumburger. 3 huge tarpaulins on the 2nd floor were also unveiled simultaneously revealing the cause of the event.

The dance lasted for four solid minutes of fun, excitement and surprise. It was so exciting to witness one of the country's biggest viral campaigns.

I figured that there must have been a huge amount of planning and secrecy to make this event possible. And I was right. The dance was choreographed by much-renowned dance gurus, Whiplash and directed by popular TV and music video director, Mark Reyes. Aside from that, you have 300 people who were in on the big secret that rehearsed for this big event. And the SM Mall of Asia had to be in on the secret too, but despite the easy urge to promote the event, they stuck to its essence to catch everybody offguard and witness the biggest flash mob dance in the Philippines.

It's so exciting that I hope I could be a part of something like this in the future... and be one of those dancing and surprising people.

Check out their official website at http://bestyoucanbee.com

19 August 2009

Hail To The Throne

custom posed Lord Starscream action figure

17 August 2009

Market Greenery

the beautifully landscaped rotonda beside Market Market

Take A Hike

I don't mind walking from one place to another as long as
  • it's not a hot sunny day or else I'll get drenched in perspiration
  • it's not raining or else I'll get drenched in rain
  • it's not polluted or else I'll be feeding my body unecessary waste
If it takes the same time to wait for transportation as the time it takes to walk from point A to point B, then walking is my best bet. And besides, I haven't been able to do my jogging rounds due to the unpredictable weather lately.

There are just some things that I'd rather not encounter when walking:

  1. Bumps & Holes. Uneven sidewalks, lack of sidewalks or worse, no sidewalk for pedestrians will pose as hazards for my walking pleasure. I wouldn't want to turn my back every single second checking that I'm not in any close call with death from a raging jeep or an out of control car.
  2. Noise Pollution. I easily get startled. And so trucks that have the horns of a cargo ship scare the living daylights out of me enough for my entire body to shake. Construction sites also provide the additional (unwelcomed) benefit of falling debris aside from the noisy hammering and drilling.
  3. Creeps & Bums. If I need to hold my breath for 10 seconds or more because of a smelly person I pass by, I'd rather cross the road and spare the breathing exercise. Much worse are creeps that look suspicious enough to make you clench your bag and get ready to run for your life if they attack you.
  4. Higad. Yes, higad. If you happen to walk through a park or a heavily tree-shaded walkway, be prepared for anything to fall on you. Leaves are okey. Branches may hurt especially if it's bigger than your arm. Flowers can be a delight. Fruits can leave a bump on your head and render you unconscious if it's a coconut. But higad (caterpillars) can really leave a nasty itch when they come into contact with your skin.
  5. Birds. Rarely do they dive down and land on your head. So don't worry much about this. I'm talking about birds who release "bombs" that could land on you at gravitational speeds. In the vernacular, "ipot". So when you look at the sky, try to keep your mouth closed. That's possibly the worst part of your body to be victimized by a bird. In the military, you call that a "direct hit!".
Overall, walking is good for your health. So as long as you can avoid some of these obsctacles and unfortunate situations, I say enjoy the walk and take a hike.

13 August 2009

Triple H VS. Jimmy Fallon

Here's an interview of WWE Superstar Triple H by Jimmy Fallon.

Some highlights of the clip:
  • Triple H gets a WWE-like entrance and comes down from the stairs to a live band playing one of his theme songs "Bow Down To The King"... awesome !
  • Triple H makes fun of Ashton Kutcher saying the loser of the match may be forced to tweet about it, giving Ashton a big blow being an active tweeter.
  • When asked if he had a twitter account, Triple H said "No. I don't know how to tweet or twat. And a lot of people who do tweet are twits", further jabbing Ashton to a near verbal pinfall.
  • a preview of the Smackdown VS Raw 2010 video game where Triple H wrestles against a downloadable Jimmy Fallon character.
  • Jimmy Fallon's wrestling character is hilarious ! He enters the area, scratches his back and trips while walking to the ring. He gets into the ring and does the running man, gets a beating, makes a couple of hits to Triple H but shortlived, and gets pummeled by Triple H till he receives the finisher Pedigree, and holds his head in pain. So hilarious !

12 August 2009

Fairest of Them All

Angelic Anne Curtis

11 August 2009

Audio Rack

Racks of Sound System Modules

10 August 2009

Bleeding Milkshake

a tall curvaceous glass of luscious strawberry milkshake bleeding with syrup on the side

09 August 2009

Five Times The Sweetness

5 yellow cupcakes from the Blushing Cupcakes Cafe

08 August 2009

Floating Blocks

the interior of a restaurant looks as if blocks defy gravity when you take the photo sideways

07 August 2009

Phone Support

My phone's current wallpaper in honor of the late Cory Aquino

06 August 2009

Flooded Roads

a flooded highway and a stranded woman in danger of being splashed by floodwater

The Balikbayan Box

I admit our family received a couple of these from the States when I was a kid.
If you're a Filipino, you know exactly what's inside one. But just in case you forgot, listen to this song to know what's inside.

The lyrics of the song is funny but true. It's like a TV commercial !

05 August 2009

Mosquito Up Close

a very small and delicate insect with a very itchy bite

01 August 2009

Half Light Half Dark

Jessa Zaragoza in half of a spotlight

Rest In Peace Cory Aquino

The Philippines' former President Cory Aquino, passed away at 3:18 AM August 1, 2009, due to cardio-respiratory arrest. She was 76 years old.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. Last May, she underwent surgery for colon removal. In June, she was brought to the Makati Medical Center for her loss of appetite, but due to her declining health, she wasn't discharged from the hospital.

Cory will be mostly remembered for People Power, the peaceful revolt of the Filipinos to overthrow the current administration and end the Marcos regime. I remember I was a kid then and our family went to EDSA during one of those historic days in February 1986 to witness the people power phenomenon which was being followed worldwide.

When she became the president, she was highly looked upon by the world and world leaders being the very first woman president of a nation. She left a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

Yellow has been the symbol of Cory and Ninoy Aquino. In homage and honor to your service, allow me to post this ribbon in both your memories.

Tita Cory, Rest in Peace.
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