09 April 2007

Worst Movie I've Seen So Far

I had the TV on this afternoon while working and I happened to catch the beginning of a movie I didn't know what the title was. I just knew the star was Jamie Kennedy of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment gag show. I saw he held a mask which was very similar to Jim Carrey's mask in his movie "The Mask".

I immediately searched for the movie on the net and learned that it's a sequel to Jim Carrey's movie and it's entitled "Son of The Mask".

The longer I was watching the movie, the more it sucked big time. I have never watched a movie that was so poorly directed. I dunno why I even bothered to finish the movie. I guess it was to bash the movie more. I checked out some online movie reviews and one review even mentioned that this may be the worst movie of 2005. I couldn't agree more. Check out the reviews here:


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