Scare of My Life: Testing Positive for COVID

Monday, July 25, 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, chances are that testing positive for COVID is probably among the top fears on anybody's list. My family and I have actively made efforts to protect ourselves from the virus and take strict measures to ensure our health and safety.

Adhering to health guidelines, knowing how to safeguard yourself, and monitoring developments are things we've done to minimize any risks. There are just so many uncontrollable factors and situations that make the possibility of getting infected high.

When you get it, a sense of panic will immediately sink in. As for me, I felt like a thousand thoughts and emotions rushed into my mind the moment I discovered I tested positive for COVID. 

When you've accepted the fact and regained logic, your strategy suddenly shifts from defensive to offensive. Defending yourself from catching the virus ends when you're infected and you shift to offensive to combat the virus. It's not like other illnesses where you take your meds, rest, and wait till you get better. COVID attacks your body from different aspects and you'll find yourself battling coughs, colds, sore throat, and fever at the minimum while taking the right combination of medicines and constantly monitoring your body for any irregularities.

I'm on Day 5 of self-isolation and Day 3 since I tested positive for COVID.  I am past the initial shock of discovering I tested positive and actively thinking of everything I can do to help myself recover. I was also shocked when I learned that our son also tested positive one day after me. I have to be emotionally strong so I can support my son and though I've only been infected one day ahead, I can use that experience to provide insight, guide him, and still help even while isolated and recovering.

But for now, I need to rest my body and let it heal.

More on my experiences in the next blog post.


Handling COVID is no walk in the park. Reflection and prayer help to clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on a positive outlook. What is assuring is that even though I am in isolation, I am not alone.


Even in isolation, I know You are with me. Please give us the power to heal and cast away our uncertainties as we face this infection. 

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