5 YouTube Travel Vloggers That Do The Traveling For You

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

One of the types of videos I like watching on YouTube is those of travel bloggers. Even before the pandemic, I would watch to see places I haven't visited or discover their experience in a place I may have visited in the past. Traveling also requires time, money, and effort. So these travel vloggers sharing their experiences are a great way to enjoy these destinations from the comfort of your own home.

There are a ton of travel vloggers and the types I like are the ones that don't treat their adventure like they're part of an "Amazing Race." The relaxed type of sharing is what I prefer. After all, I watch to relax and enjoy, not get stressed. Here are five travel vloggers I regularly watch and follow. 

1. One Pack Wanderers

I wasn't able to follow Tia & Cheveyo when they started traveling last year after quitting their jobs. What I like about their vlogs are their adventures, walking tours, and discoveries. I also like their laid-back style of storytelling and sharing. The travel vlogs I've watched so far are them touring Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and South Korea. Check them out!

2. Beer for Breakfast

I've been following the British & Lithuanian couple of Micha & Justina for a few years now. I think I first discovered them when I stumbled upon their travel vlogs touring Siargao in the Philippines. From there, I got interested in their travel experiences and have been a regular viewer. The digital nomad couple has been to several countries in Asia and almost got stuck in India during the start of the pandemic. They've been in London for a bit during the lockdowns but have resumed traveling. They usually will feature non-touristy destinations which makes it exciting when they discover rare gems of a place. Their recent trips include Turkey, Nepal, Mexico, and the U.S.

Tom is from the UK and Meljean is from the Philippines. They're based in Cebu, Philippines, and are currently traveling to multiple destinations. So far they have been to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. They seem to find nice and affordable accommodation wherever they go.

Since the Philippines opened up its doors to foreigners after a period of lockdown, there has been a surge of travel bloggers visiting the Philippines. Mergim is a travel vlogger based in Thailand. I first discovered Mergim when he was contemplating on visiting the Philippines as well. He eventually decided to visit and he has been enjoying the many travel destination around the country since then. Mergim loves to interact with people (and animals) and this is what makes his vlog interesting. You can also see his genuine interest in learning more about all the places he visits as he sometimes shares a few historical facts about what he learned. He's been touring Manila and Tagaytay with his girlfriend Maya. Lately, he has been visiting different parts of Cebu.

5. Xiao Qiang Walker

Among the five, this is a pretty unique travel vlogger. He walks around malls, streets, and popular places within Singapore with his 4K camera and records video. No commentary, no storytelling, just plain first-person video perspective while he walks through these places.  I did something similar when I used to live in Singapore as I was mapping the area as a Local Guides contributor for Google Maps. I find joy in watching his walking videos and looking at the surroundings. It's actually through one of his videos that I found out that a lot of stores in my favorite mall in Singapore were gone. If you've lived in Singapore, you may be familiar with the place. If not, explore them through his videos.

Happy virtual traveling!

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