Marched During This Merry Month

Sunday, April 10, 2022

March had more days than February but it still felt short. It's probably the feeling when many things are happening in life. In my planner, I've basically split my daily list into two, offline and online tasks.

The offline tasks are pretty much standard and deal with house chores like doing laundry, folding clothes, throwing the trash, sweeping the lawn, and trimming the trees. Other offline tasks include helping out my mother-in-law. 

As for online tasks, most of it is managing utilities and online accounts. One thing I miss though is receiving more emails. It somehow provides an easier sense of what you need to know or do in one consolidated.

So in no particular order, here are some things that happened during the month:

1. I discovered that the nearby park regularly sells fruits and veggies twice a week. I get to buy apples, oranges, pomelo, bananas, melon, watermelons, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber. Now it's more convenient to buy healthy food. 

2.  I revived a 12-year-old desktop that belonged to Aileen. This was a challenge I was excited about as it's been a while since I've been able to tinker with computers. Unearthing decade old apps also felt like bringing back a time machine. I was successfully able to upgrade this desktop from Windows 7 to 10. 

3. I gave an online training workshop on social media for Peace Corps Philippines. The last time I conducted training was around 5 months ago and it was just for one hour. This time, I had to prepare a workshop that would last for 8 hours spanning three days. It challenged my skills both in social media and presenting. I'm happy to say that I got good feedback from the participants and glad to know the tips and takeaways were handy for them. 

4. My toy photography-themed Instagram account has taken off to a very good start. It's also a great testing ground for me to try out the social media strategies I learned. Check it out at

5. I won a few freebies just by posting on Instagram. One was a voucher for Philippine Presko coffee, and the other was for a Korean kimchi sauce called bibimbud.  Nice to have these unexpected surprises pop up.

Even if I've been professionally using social media and providing content, strategy, analytics, and management, I'm back to studying online, striving to learn more about everything on social media.

So that's March. Warmed up and ready to sprint.

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