February 2022 Roundup: Short and Busy

Saturday, March 05, 2022

To sum it up: it was short!

Technically. all Februaries are shorter, even during a leap year. But I guess I felt that with a lot going on, I wished there were a few more extra days to February so I wouldn't feel I needed more time.

First off was that I was able to secure some legal documents like a certificate for a new residence. Changing addresses though also requires updating a lot of info associated with your address so I'm doing that little by little.

I also terminated our cable TV subscription. We heavily use YouTube and Netflix, plus we're also subscribed to other streaming services like HBO, Hulu, and TFC (The Filipino Channel). The only thing I think I'm gonna miss on Cable TV is the aquarium channel.

I've also been assembling different furniture and storage items. Assembling a desktop computer from scratch excites me. I don't have the same enthusiasm for furniture, especially if the instructions are in Chinese. The peak of my excitement is when I'm done assembling it. I'm proud to have assembled two metal racks, a rotating bookshelf, two bedside tables, and a few small tables. Did I mention that I have a backlog of more things to assemble? 

Workwise, I'm happy that I will have the opportunity to teach an organization the ins and outs of social media. I'm excited to share the years of experience I've gained and I sincerely want to help them by being an effective instructor. I also realized I haven't been using Zoom in a while and I'll need to practice hosting along with switching windows, slides, and engaging. 

Healthwise, I'm more actively and aggressively monitoring my food intake. Taking in less sugar, avoiding non-healthy foods, and doing household chores as my exercise. I hope to get healthier each day.

And finally, I got to visit mom. As February's pandemic cases decreased, it gave me a chance to visit mom at the cemetery. Unfortunately, it was raining while I was there and it took me 10 minutes to look for mom's tombstone. I actually thought mom was hiding from me for not having visited her for over two years. I was so happy to finally find mom and we have a long moment. I had a lot to say. 

That's it for February!

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