A Kangaroo in Davao

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 1 of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour ended with an after-dinner treat to Kangaroo Coffee Company.    Since we were all full from dinner at Lachi's, it was very well fitting we had after-dinner drinks to simmer down the feeling our stuffed stomachs had.   

There's a huge lighted sign of Kangaroo outside so it's easy notice.  The interiors are library-inspired.  There's a bookshelf to the right of the door when you enter the cafe.  Aside from several books scattered throughout the place (including the restroom), there are various artworks hung on the walls.  Each one has a short description, the signed artist, and the price of the painting should you want to buy it.  I also like the lighting inside.  It's not just your plain fluorescent.  You can tell it was well thought of cause the lights bring life to the structures inside.

Kangaroo Coffee Company is a cafe that serves coffee and tea variations, cakes, cookies and pastries.    I had mint tea and the great thing I like about it and all their drinks are the huge mugs.  Huge mugs equate to bigger servings, which was to my delight,  I was served a generous mugful of tea.   Their other drinks have accessories to the drink.  One drink had a small wooden-like mallet for stirring.  

The place is very homey and makes you want to stay and linger.  And Kangaroo gives you more reason to do so cause they offer free wifi.

Kangaroo Coffee Company is located at Tiongko cor. V. Mapa St., Davao City.

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