Canless and Bottleless Soda

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When I was a kid, I always found it strange that softdrinks in our school canteen were served with a straw inserted in a plastic zip-lock like bag.    The canteen "manang" would pour softdrinks down the plastic and hand it over to you.   The notion of having to hold the plastic all the time was discouraging enough for me to order some other drink.  You can't put it down until it's empty or it would spill.  The plastic is also so fragile that it takes only a tiny needle poke for it to leak. And there may be sanitary concerns too pouring drinks into a plastic which most likely isn't designed and sterilized for drinking.   

With the advent of sodas in cans, I'm glad I don't see this much anymore.   I hope schools don't use this method anymore.

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