Saturday, March 21, 2009

I got an e-mail from my cousin who forwarded a story about an accident that occured because of a driver text messaging while driving at 70mph.   The description included in the e-mail was "The very real human consequences that can result from Driving While 'In-TEXT-icated'".

Aside from making perfect sense,  it does have similarities with driving under the influence of alcohol.  Intoxication slows down your awareness and alertness, same as texting.    You may not be under the influence of alcohol, but your concentration is divided into driving and texting not to mention your vision as well.   

One dangerous characteristic about it is that your vision constantly shifts from near to far and back as you look at your celphone and the road alternately.   That alone can bring forth harmful effects on how you perceive the road.  What may be far, may suddenly be near and what may look okey may not be.

And the e-mail mentioned that the driver was driving at 70mph !  Don't even think about texting at these speeds.  The faster you drive, the more alert you need to be.   If you really need to text, stop at the side of the road and send your message or if you're with someone, pass the phone to them to send it for you.  

Be safe and don't be inTEXTicated. 

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