Elvis Presley Is My Stress Reliever

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This afternoon, I was stressed out. I appointed a consultant to work on some tasks over the weekend. However he waited till the last minute and crammed today on deadline day.

So after trying to manage some damage control, I decided to take a break to relieve me of the stressful situation.... so I visited my favorite Timezone branch.

My favorite game is the Elvis Presley Pinball machine. I usually play this game three times a week. However today, the machine was missing from its regular spot. I thought they just moved it to another location since they rearrange game machines from time to time. When I couldn't find it, I asked the manager where it went. He told me that some Elvis aficionados rented the machine for one month for personal unlimited use. Huwwwwat !?!?!?! My stress reliever is gone !

And so I'm going to have to settle for Tekken or visit another Timezone branch.
To those who rented the machine, feel free to beat my score. I have the top 2nd and 3rd score with 180 million as my highest score. Practice well and you can challenge me anytime afterwards.

Goodluck !

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  1. Unfortunately, your high score might be lost since they unplugged the game. . . .

  2. True. I'm hoping there's an onboard chip where top scores are saved even when shutoff and unplugged (and they don't reset the scores).

    If the scores do get reset, I want to challenge them... so I can be a top scorer once again. :)

    I have a feeling though matatanda ang mga nagrent. hmmmm...

  3. At least you were able to take a picture of your highest score. Matatagalan talaga sila if they wanna beat your score.