Driving With Fuel Economy And Efficiency

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nowadays, the prices of gas are really expensive and it seems that it's not going down in the near future. Unleaded gas in the Philippines goes for around P45.00 per liter, which is more than 1 US dollar.

I think that instead of trying to find sources for inexpensive gas or hope the prices go down, it's practical to own a car that in itself can conserve fuel. That's why when Honda launches the VCM 643, it's pleasing to know that this new car conserves fuel while maximizing its use. It's fuel economy and efficiency is a great feature for those who dread spending for gas.

It seems like it's the main feature of this Honda Model because the letters in the VCM 643 model stand for Variable Cylinder Management, the technology used in maintaining power and optimizing fuel economy simultaneously. The number 6 represents the powerful V6 engine while the 4 and 3 represent that in these cylinder modes, it can produce both power & fuel efficiency, and fuel saving respectively.

I'd say this car would ease the worrying about your gas budget especially when strapped for cash.

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