USB Massager - My New Gadget

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I passed by the computer shop today to buy a new mouse for my other laptop. I didn't plan on buying anything else until I saw this.

It's a USB-powered massager. It looks like cross between a UFO and a baby rattle in a spongy casing. It has a powerful vibration. And when I mean powerful, I mean that I placed this massager on my cheek and it made me think that my monitor was flickering. Oh, it wasn't. It was really the massager rattling my entire head.

A word of caution though: it's power hungry too... it sucked up the power of my USB mouse rendering it frozen on my desktop till I turned the massager off (and replugged my mouse). Better to have it plugged on a dedicated USB port rather than on an adapter sharing other USB devices.

These are one of those things that you don't really need but since it's a hi-tech gadget, you just want it. I saw it online being sold for USD $17.98 but I got it at CDR-King for P100.

The other gadged I'm eyeballing at is the USB mini refrigerator which can house a softdrink can. Isn't that COOL ??? (insert rim shot here)

You can check out the USB massager specs here.

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