Tekken 6 !

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I was in Glorieta 3 weeks ago waiting for my sweetie and while killing time, I passed by my favorite past time place, Timezone. While going around, I saw a huge group of people watching a video arcade. Curious about what the fuss was all about, I approached the crowd only to be surprised by a newly installed game in the video arcade, Tekken 6.

The most striking upgrade to this version on console was that it was sporting a flat wide screen similar to the plasma TV units. The graphics were of superb quality on the wide screen. Aside from that, there were a lot of new characters to choose from and locations to play.

Being a Tekken player with limited skill, I was just happy watching the players challenge the computer. I thought I had seen it all but was flabbergasted to witness a bonus level where a nearly invincible humongous robot named "Nancy MIS47J" was the fighter.

Let me know what happens if you beat this android cause I wanna know what's the bonus.

The week after, I was at Mall Of Asia waiting for sweetie when I checked out the Timezone branch there which had Tekken 6. Since there weren't any players around or people watching, I summed up the courage to play. I got through 3 levels and I must say, overall, it's a great and exciting game. Despite the large selection of characters, I'm sticking with my favorite character, Nina.

And as a self-induced adrenalin rush, I got to the final stage of Tekken 5 using Nina. Woohoo !!!

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