Halloween Carols ?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let's face it, Halloween isn't a traditional Pinoy celebration. It's popularly known as American tradition surrounded by the premise of scaring people and dressing up in costumes imitating popular personalities, fictitious characters and pop culture icons.

Some exclusive villages and subdivisions do celebrate Halloween's tradition of knocking at houses' doors and exclaiming "Trick or Treat!", hoping for treats in the form of candies. Some people though would rather offer a "trick" than a "treat".

A couple of nights ago, a couple of kids gathered in front of our gate. I thought it was an early Halloween "trick or treat". I was surprised to find out that they were singing Christmas carols. It's either these kids got their holiday dates mixed up or they're really excited about Christmas.

I feel that I was on the end of the "trick".

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