When 10 Pins Are Not Enough

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I mentioned previously that the sound of bowling pins being knocked down are music to my ears. It's not a sport I am good with though. I don't even get to play regularly. And I have a pathetic high score.

I already have a hard time trying to knock all 10 pins down. So how about more than 10 ? How would others do ?

How about 30 ?
Check this out:

Let's try 45 pins:

More ? Okey... 100 pins:

How about 100 pins without a bowling ball ?

How about building your own imaginary bowling scenario ?
Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

I couldn't stop myself from adding that last clip. It had me in tears from laughing. Relax people, it's just Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, the video game. (Note: No one was harmed during this video.)

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  1. LOL at the last video! Strike!

  2. The Japanese always come up with really funny stuff to do! Hehehehe.

  3. I am such a klutz in bowling. All my siblings can play except me so when there is family tournament, I am the lone cheerleader. haha