Friday, January 19, 2007

I started coughing right after breathing in fumes from the New Year's fireworks. And I still am coughing. I'm getting much better than the past few days but I still have trouble talking continuously due to my cough.

A friend of mine suggested I try drinking lagundi. I looked for it in the supermarket but all they had was a big package which was overkill for me to buy it. I then discovered the other various kinds of tea... oolong, thai, mint, strawberry, green... you name it, they have it. I finally decided to get a box of Jasmine tea from China.

I've been taking tea for the past few days but today in particular, I drank a whole lot. This morning I took 2 cups of hot Jasmine tea. In the afternoon, I had lemon tea and this evening I had 2 cups of peach tea. And if that wasn't enough, I'm now drinking my last cup of Jasmine tea for the day.

Tea anyone ?

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  1. Hi Jay. Consider also the possibility that you have a throat infection. That happened to me once after the New Year and had to get medication for it.

  2. hi jay. grabe, parang ganyan din ako. 2wks na itong cough ko (though last week ay parang im coughing na lang coz parang makati ang throat ko).

    i went to the doctor, and un nga, antibiotics na ang beauty ko kasi super red na raw ang throat ko. still have this pesteng ahem as of this writing... remember i have high-pitched voice? hindi ngayon.. hope i get well soon, miss ko na ung dati kong boses.

    take care. - kristine

  3. Lagundi tablets Jay, not the tea. You can get it at any Mercury or Watson's counter. Tagal na ng ubo mo ah. Get well soon! :)

  4. hope you started the antibiotics already. your cough should be resolving by now. if not, maybe its of the allergic type - at huwag naman sanang cough-variant asthma.

    hope you're feeling better na.