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Saturday, January 27, 2007

These are the people I've been with last January 23.

I met up with Aileen, my friendly friend at Starbucks ABS-CBN compound since I invited her to come with me to the Christian Bautista launch. We planned that since I had no place to stay in between events and she adored Christian Bautista that we'd hang out for the day. We jokingly traded roles. She was my assistant during the Christian Bautista launch and I was her assistant at the Yehey! offices.

When we arrived at Club O, I greeted the regular media crowd and was delighted to see Cecille & Victor there. I usually hang out with the print/songhits crowd as opposed to the major dailies/tv/tabloid people cause the music magazines are closer to what my website is as well.
But since Cecille from was there, exchanging notes from partner websites is always interesting. Plus, I introduced them to Aileen from

After we interviewed Christian, he sung a few songs from his new album. Cecille & Victor also had the same problem I had, thinking where to stay between then and 7:30pm which was incidentally Rachelle Ann Go's album launch over at Metrowalk. Good-natured Aileen invited us all to Yehey! where she did have an office there. We got reintroduced to the Yehey! bosses and it's interesting that one of them remembers my former web development business from 2000.

We chatted and watched a couple of funny youtube videos on my laptop while waiting for the next launch.

Around 7:30pm we went straight to Mugen Bar over at Metrowalk for the Rachelle Ann Go album launch back to back with Jimmy Marquez's album. More media friends were there like Dennise, Ian, Ronnie & April who was very lucky to have won a Mediacom DVD player/entertainment system.

It was a full day out of homebase, but exciting.

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  1. Can I pass for an expert PA (well minus being starstruck1)? I wouldn't mind the fabulous perks you get - album launches, concerts and free CDs! Thanks for inviting me to tag along! :)