Signs of a Busy Day to the Extreme

Monday, January 08, 2007

How do I know my day is going to be a long and tiring day ? Here's my top 10.
1. Just thinking about my sked for the day makes me tired.
2. The only time I have for lunch is in the car while driving and hurriedly eating during stoplights.
3. I have to time each meeting precisely or my entire sched will be me trying to catch up with it.
4. I start to enjoy traffic cause in a way, it's a break in between 2 tasks, the one I've just finished and the next one I'm going to.
5. I have 5 different places to go in a day and they're all far from each other.
6. It's 8am and I wish it were 8pm.
7. I am physically multitasking.
8. I lose track of time and instead, I keep track of appointments and tasks to do.
9. My mp3 player has reached the end of its song list and I'm not still through with my day yet.
10. I have 5 bags in my car and it looks like I've ran away from home.

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