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17 December 2011

Evil Porkchop

Devilled Porkchop with a baked potato and rice, served at Chocolate Spoon by Icebergs

10 December 2011

Maki Eclipse

a circular tray of beautifully laid out mixed maki

24 November 2011

Typical Chinese Bento Meal

Chinese Bento meal at Luk Yuen Noodle House with pork chop, dimsum, noodles and rice

24 October 2011

Triple Tails

3 airplanes all pointed in one direction (at Changi Airport)

23 October 2011

Singapore Skyline

Singapore at night

04 October 2011

Around the Scallops

a circle of baked scallops from Cebu

02 October 2011

Hickory Spareribs

Juicy pork spareribs topped with Barbecue hickory sauce garnished with vegetables served on top of a mound of rice served at French Baker


padlock forced open because it got jammed during transit

28 September 2011

A Passport to Blow

They blow, they soak, they make their presence known;
Entering the land, no passport they own;
Wind & rain, mix and match;

Hovering from one place to another, they lash.

10 September 2011

Living the Memory

I won't see you anymore
But I will always remember joyous stories from the past
When today and tomorrow cease to exist
It's those memories that stay to last

- dedicated to my good friend AJ Matela.

05 September 2011

Circles of Pancakes

a huge stack of pancakes in circle formation (served at Annie's restaurant in Summit Ridge, Tagaytay)

04 September 2011

Fish & Chips

Tender cream dory fish and french fries

Seafood Kebab

3 sticks of seafood kebab with generous amounts of cream dory, shrimps and bell pepper

23 August 2011

Clubhouse Sandwich

a tasty clubhouse sandwich with a side dish of fries which isn't on the side 
(sandwich served at Dulcinea)

21 August 2011

Blueberry Donut

Hole-less donut filled with blueberries and cream in the middle

Light Overdose

several lights all highlighting the salads and side dishes at the counter

14 August 2011

Unbelievable !

I think the driver forgot to wear a snorkel.

28 July 2011

Bee Flowery

a bee on its flower-hopping spree

27 July 2011

Marina Bay Divider

a busy Saturday night at the Mall of Asia and San Miguel by the Bay

26 July 2011

Spin a Win

Small ferris wheel goes round and round but from this angle, goes up and down

25 July 2011

100 Years Egg

sliced century egg which doesn't take a century to prepare

Longsilog in Cool Morning Weather

famous Cordillera longganisa with rice, egg, tomatoes & cucumber.  Breakfast at Choco-late de Batirol in the heart of Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

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24 July 2011

Steamed Siomai Servings

pork dumplings served in the traditional steamed Chinese bamboo baskets

Setting the Mood for Chinese Food

Typical Chinese dining setting (President's Tea House)

20 June 2011

Pineapple Flower

a colorful flower with a pineapple-shaped center at the heart of Burnham Park in Baguio City

13 June 2011

You Talking To Me ?

robot spotted in an art museum

Root Beer Float

famous rootbeer float of A&W.  Once you insert a straw, it overflows immediately

12 June 2011

Reflective Lobby

Hotel lobby of the Kempinski Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

11 June 2011

Ta-Long Line

eggplants fresh from the grill

Jakarta at Night

Busy night at the center of Jakarta (Photo taken from the rooftop of Hyatt Hotel)

Superman in Trunks

Guy in zipline traversing over a swimming pool 

Chicken Bowl by Cafe Bocobo

Standard chicken meal served in a bowl with rice with vegetable toppings at Cafe Bocobo, the restaurant located at Casa Bocobo Hotel in Manila

30 May 2011

Circle of Flan

a small but rich dose of sweetness in the form of leche flan

23 May 2011

Crispy Onion RIngs

Crispy onion rings from Carls Jr. in Jakarta

16 May 2011


Fried milkfish served with garlic rice
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14 May 2011

Glass of Chilled Water

01 May 2011

Human Swarm

Thousands of people in participation¨
Wishing to reach the same destination¨
One pack, one path, one goal¨
Starts with a simple ready, set, go.

23 April 2011


A cross at the top of the hill and a coincidental cross supplying electricity

Foodja Vu

A summary of past menus
A buffet of 2nd hand samples
A reminder of what the taste buds encountered
Served altogether transforms into more than ample.

19 April 2011

Plan To Halt

Constant tweaking, endless planning
Deciding from a ton of options
Freeze the future for it won't unfold
Your destiny has just been put on hold.

06 April 2011

What You Don't Know

An extra heartbeat, a pull of the mind º
An instant facial expression, a leap from behind º
A sudden clear distraction of vision º
To catch you offguard is its main mission.

27 March 2011

Cotton Candy

Bubble Gum Candy

Farewell High, Tertiary Hi

Out of the cage, into the wild   ·
Bring with you everything you were taught since a child ·
New set of groups await, new environment to slate ·
A new goal towards four years is worth the wait.

12 March 2011

Ocean Surge

Weight is irrelevant with its immense pressure ° 
As water pours upon, no need for bad weather ° 

It hikes any trail not taller than its reach °
Inhabitants experience a land security breach.°

01 March 2011

Dried Squid on a Stick

Fresh from the grill: chewy and tasty dried pusit for only twenty pesos each at White Beach, Puerto Galera

28 February 2011

Chicken Kebab By The Sea

enjoying a freshly grilled Chicken Kebab by the sea

24 February 2011

Fast Forward

Each foot outstepping the other 
Each bounce a calorie burner 
The longer the distance sought 
The more breaths the mough caught.

22 February 2011

Circular Ceiling

Donut-inspired circular ceiling interior of Dunkin Cafe.   

21 February 2011

HTML Prime

This is my tribute to Optimus Prime and HTML5.

Mustard Fish Salmon

mustard-coated salmon served with corn, carrots and peas and a cup of rice topped with mushrooms at Sweet Pea

20 February 2011

Longganisa Twins

a double dose of longgasina for breakfast from Jolllibee

Strange Fruit

a tree at the McKinley Hill Parking lot bearing a weird-shaped fruit

Circular Assistance

Guide my vision 
Be my one-way mirror 
Erase my doubting thoughts 
Make my mind clearer.

08 February 2011

Blue Ray Lakers

postcard effect of Taal volcano amidst the calm lake

07 February 2011

Red Berries

miniature berries

Green Rings

bubble gum-flavored donuts from Krispy Kreme

Care To Give ?

Give where there's lack of receiving¨
Take the gratitude of them being¨
Make a smile, make their day¨
The help offered goes a long way.

06 February 2011

Sizzling Mushrooms

a sizzling plate of hot mushrooms with a serving of gravy

Pink Rose

Pink rose in a sea of white petals

20 January 2011

Honorable Ascent

Time to ascend a one-way elevator¨
And once again be reunited by our Creator¨
To continue life without you we must¨
But forever you will be instilled in us.

19 January 2011

Delectable Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata feast good for four from Max's Chicken

17 January 2011

Nervous Knows

A crying nose, a sniffing soul¨
It mourns as it is sick¨
Hard to breathe, easy to sneeze¨
The ability to smell is very weak.

10 January 2011


Keys not attached by a keychain¨
Where whites are larger than blacks¨
You'll hear more than you see¨
For they open doors of harmony.

09 January 2011

Surrounded Air Pressure

Escaping is like running away from wind¨
Leaving only a white trail that can be seen¨
Your clothes suck it up and your inhaling means¨
It's your unwanted dose of nicotine.

08 January 2011

Tick To Tock

Forever a one-way avenue ´
Three hands all working for you ´
Don't be fooled if it ceases ´
For reality is that time continues.

Temporary Plate

Paving the way for you mood°
Set you in to your editing groove°
Key in the missing links°
Assists you with what you think.

05 January 2011

Line of Fresh Fruits

slices of pineapple, mangoes and watermelon

Positive Attitude for a Positive 2011

This is my longest-living blog and unfortunately, it's been the least updated last year.  So, to usher in the New Year with a new post, here's some words of wisdom a colleague of mine sent me which I'd like to share.

It's somewhat similar to my personal New Year's Resolution, just in a broader sense.  I leave you with this and greet you all a Happy New Year !
10 Ways To Maintain a Positive Attitude all year round:
  1. Learn healthy ways to manage your stress.
  2. Think of challenges as opportunities to shine.
  3. Look for the best in others, and yourself.
  4. Eat right and get plenty of rest (sleep 6-8 hours daily).
  5. Exercise for 60 minutes or more five days a week.
  6. Seek out the joys in life and remember to laugh.
  7. Do something nice for someone.
  8. Make time each day to relax.
  9. Surround yourself with upbeat people.
  10. Take pride in your work and your achievements.

04 January 2011

Ham Parol

assorted cold cuts and other appetizers

03 January 2011

Spell To Dark

Half-awake, half-asleep
Struggling to turn off that annoying beep
A body moving in slow motion
Can't escape floating lifeless in a calm ocean.
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