Positive Attitude for a Positive 2011

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This is my longest-living blog and unfortunately, it's been the least updated last year.  So, to usher in the New Year with a new post, here's some words of wisdom a colleague of mine sent me which I'd like to share.

It's somewhat similar to my personal New Year's Resolution, just in a broader sense.  I leave you with this and greet you all a Happy New Year !

10 Ways To Maintain a Positive Attitude all year round:
  1. Learn healthy ways to manage your stress.
  2. Think of challenges as opportunities to shine.
  3. Look for the best in others, and yourself.
  4. Eat right and get plenty of rest (sleep 6-8 hours daily).
  5. Exercise for 60 minutes or more five days a week.
  6. Seek out the joys in life and remember to laugh.
  7. Do something nice for someone.
  8. Make time each day to relax.
  9. Surround yourself with upbeat people.
  10. Take pride in your work and your achievements.

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  1. Grabe, 5 days a week? Hehe! Good luck! Let's lose the Christmas weight!

  2. Thanks ! I forgot to make one for 2012 ! LOL!