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27 November 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Advanced Screening at Megamall Cinemas

Here's coverage of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert advanced screening and world premiere at the Megamall cinemas last November 24, 2008.

20 November 2008


I just came from Holiday Inn fresh from the Michael Learns to Rock press conference and decided afterwards to buy some dinner for take out at the adjacent mall Robinsons Galleria. I decided to get a pizza from Chef d' Angelo, located at the 4th floor. Since I was told it was going to take at least 10 minutes to prepare, I figured I stroll around and come back for the pizza.

I was on the same floor as the cinemas and chose to check out their list of movies. Right in the center of the entrance way leading to the cinemas were a few elevated tables and some celebs seated signing autographs. There wasn't much of a crowd watching them so I didn't find any difficulty getting close.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were the stars in an R-18 rated indie film entitled "Lalamunan" and promoting it to the public. I recognized Jordan Herrera instantly and then Rico Barrera, ex Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 housemate. The 2 girls in the middle were gorgeous but I didn't know who they were. Then, I read the poster that had the starring cast billing. It turns out they were Hazel Cabrera (I had to search online to find out that she's part of the Viva Hot Babes) and Maricar dela Fuente (who I have no idea who she is).

Since I had my digicam with me, and I was still waiting for my pizza, I took pics of them. An old man approached the cast but specifically wanted a picture with the two sexy ladies. Apparently, he just wanted his arms around them since he didn't have a camera nor was he with any companion. I got a shot of his short moment of thrill.

Apparently, "Lalamunan" is about a homosexual (Jordan Herrera) who tries to keep his gender preference by preoccupying himself and his wife with kinky sex.   I just read part of the poster and article so there's nothing more I could offer to tell about the movie.

Anyway, I thought it would be worth the post since I was able to take pics of the stars and at the same time support this indie movie.

I wonder why the title is "Lalamunan".

17 November 2008

Get a Chance to Win a Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot Phone!

GET THE BOND WIDGET and get a chance to win a Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone!

15 November 2008

Jump Rope with a Twist

It's been a long time since I tried a jump rope or hula hoop.   I didn't think there would be much technology could do to add features to these simple devices.  Well I was wrong.

I found this jump rope with a counter.  It has a counter attached to  one of its handles and can increment from 000 to 999.  Isn't that cool ?  Now you would know how many repetitions you made.  

Cool ! ... Until I found out that the counter is manual.  It displays the number of repetitions alright but you have to press the button each time for it to register.
I don't think I'd be able to push the counter to increment when I'm tired.

Healthy Meals for a Healtier You

This week entailed me spending time at the hospital making sure Aileen got well.    As I was able to witness the food choices and servings that the hospital served to her, and watching some segments on TV on healthy living, I found out a couple of tips which are most likely very well known by everybody but may perhaps not be stressed well enough for people to actually follow.

So here are some of those tips:

  • If possible, make 1/4th of your meal comprise of vegetables.  It doesn't matter what kind, but the point is to maintain a balanced diet consisting of the proper food groups.   Usually, anything green in color is good for you.   
  • At my age, taste is not a top priority anymore... health is.   What's healthy is good for you.   And if you regularly eat foods whose taste you don't particularly crave for, it kinda becomes second nature after a while and your taste buds won't repel that much.
  • Cut down on rice - 1 cup just may be enough   Some people compensate for little or lack of a viand for more rice servings.   It may help to add a bit more meat, chicken or fish to your meal that a lot more rice.
  • Eating out is not an excuse not to eat healthy.    You have the choice on where to eat and what to order.  Healthy eating is not confined to the dining room of your home.
  • Don't forget to drink.  I've seen people who will eat an entire meal from start to finish before drinking.   A drink is not only there to prevent you from choking, but it's there to rehydrate yourself.
  • Have a fruit for desert.   Thanks to marketing, chocolates and cakes have dominated the definition of "desert".   Fruits are a nice finisher to your meal.  Try having a banana, apple, grapes or a slice of pineapple or papaya.

Happy eating !  

13 November 2008

Mountain of Rice

I was at SM Marikina the other day and was looking for a place to have lunch.   Since it was already past 2pm, I figured I'd visit the food court which was totally deserted.   After making a quick round, I decided to try Pinoy Toppings for their relatively inexpensive meals and huge servings.
The last time I ate at Pinoy Toppings was years ago.  I remember the huge mounds of rice they serve.  And guess what ?  It hasn't changed a bit.

I ordered Tapsilog and I was still surprised (even if I antipicated it) to see a very generous serving of rice on a huge plate.  It looked like more than 3 cups of rice.  I don't think they use ordinary cups for measuring it but instead use bowls.

I took a photo of my meal and take note that the spoon there is a tablespoon but looks like a minute teaspoon when placed beside the rice.

Needless to say, I could barely finish half of the rice serving.   If you have a craving for something close to unlimited rice, I suggest you check out Pinoy Toppings.

10 November 2008

Subtle Form of Free Advertising

Last November 1, I, together with my parents headed to Loyola cemetery to pay respect to my lolo and lola.   You see the usual things in a jam packed cemetery, lots of people, lots of flowers, lots of candles and lots of tents.   

I noticed one particular tent though that wasn't the usual solid color or striped one.  This one looked like it was taken off a tarpaulin printed ad for an attorney running for councilor.   I figured it's a subtle yet sneaky way for advertising.  What could an advertiser ask for ?  Lots of people equating to lots of eyeballs and free advertising since they own the space below where the tent is located. 

Ahh the things people would do for something free.

06 November 2008

We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

I was heading to Trinoma the other day and spotted this coincidental display of color.

I noticed this lady wearing all yellow, pants and blouse.   She was walking towards the yellow pedicab and must have told the driver where she's headed.    
Mind you, the driver was wearing a yellow shirt, and his yellow pedicab had some shades of yellow on the umbrella.   
Then a bystander (sporting a fake Nike yellow shirt)  who seemed to be acquianted with the lady, hopped on the pedicab for a short chit-chat.   
At this time, the lady grabbed something yellow from her bag and held it while seated down inside the pedicab.  
The friend of the lady finally got down and the pedicab as it went on its way. 

Not shown in the photos was a yellow tarpaulin which they passed. Color me yellow and slap me silly but for a while I was thinking what were the chances of this coincidence happening ? 

04 November 2008

UNICEF invites you to Walk (and Run) on the Child's Side!

This November, UNICEF is inviting you to Walk and Run on the Child's Side!

So mark this date on your calendar---November 23, 2008, 5:30 am to 10:00 am ---stretch those legs and limbs, bring out those running shoes, and even come in loud and funny costumes with your whole family!  UNICEF Walk on the
Child's Side 2008 is a walkathon / fun run that aims to raise funds for UNICEF's programs for the Filipino children!

Please pass on this message to your family, friends and co-workers.  We've attached here the poster for UNICEF Walk on the Child's Side 2008 which we encourage you to post in your blogs; your Friendster, Facebook or Multiply
accounts; and other web pages.

Also attached is the registration form which you can fill up and submit directly to R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig in order to claim your race kit.  The race kit will include your UNICEF singlet (running shirt), race bib and race course map.

For any questions or concerns, please call our hotline:  (02) 758-1000.

01 November 2008

Clear Halloween Party

I use Clear shampoo.  I remember I got a sample when the product was initially introduced to the public.  I liked it and stuck with it.  

And last Oct 31, I got to experience a Clear event.   It was a blacked themed Halloween party for bloggers at Taste Asia at the West Side of Mall of Asia.   There was only one requirement for invited bloggers, that everybody dress in black.  And so we did.  Never did cameras have to work their flashes overtime to capture the blackness. 

Upon registration, we were also given masks to keep and wear.   My camera was out of commission for the night so I only got to take a couple of photos.   So I'll just pop in keywords describing the event...

sexy, costumes, masks, black, music, dance, Ms. Earth contestants, food and drinks, friends, bloggers, fun, clear.

"Clear-ly" it was a fun Halloween Party.  Thanks Clear !
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