Batang Yagit Gets My Vote

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Batang Yagit is the blog and online persona of Winston Almendras.  I personally met him during a trip to Davao earlier this year and I must admit, I'm impressed with this kid (kid online, man offline).

I'm handing my vote to Batang Yagit  for this year's 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for the Bloggers Choice Award because:

 - he's an innovator and practices whatever he learns online through his blog,

- he's hardworking, creative and multi-talented

- his blog is a constant effort and fruits of his knowledge of web design, programming, web integration and photography

- we're both a part of a tech blog 

- location is not a factor for him to excel, may it be in Davao, Cebu or Manila, both online and offline

- he's a dedicated blogger - for the blogger, by the blogger and of the blogger, so help me God.

- he is always up to date when it comes to gadgets and web-based services

- he's a fellow alumni - (Batangyagit For Others)

- if it's any consolation, baby face at cute rin (mana siya sa kuya jay niya ...  insert violent objections  now)

Overall, I find that Batang Yagit is a perfect example of producing a unique and witty online entity which extends its character and expands beyond its persona to gain sustainable interest through its interesting blog.

Kudos to you Winston !

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