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29 April 2008

Elvis Presley Is My Stress Reliever

This afternoon, I was stressed out. I appointed a consultant to work on some tasks over the weekend. However he waited till the last minute and crammed today on deadline day.

So after trying to manage some damage control, I decided to take a break to relieve me of the stressful situation.... so I visited my favorite Timezone branch.

My favorite game is the Elvis Presley Pinball machine. I usually play this game three times a week. However today, the machine was missing from its regular spot. I thought they just moved it to another location since they rearrange game machines from time to time. When I couldn't find it, I asked the manager where it went. He told me that some Elvis aficionados rented the machine for one month for personal unlimited use. Huwwwwat !?!?!?! My stress reliever is gone !

And so I'm going to have to settle for Tekken or visit another Timezone branch.
To those who rented the machine, feel free to beat my score. I have the top 2nd and 3rd score with 180 million as my highest score. Practice well and you can challenge me anytime afterwards.

Goodluck !

Overflowing Content

The past few days have been events coming in two's. Last Saturday was iBlog4 and 88db.com party both geared towards the bloggers. Then a 2 day Manila tour with the Davao bloggers followed. All of this was sandwiched by a 2 part food tour sponsored by spot.ph.

I've been taking pics, video and audio recordings for almost all the events. I need to make some space for all this digital content on my desktop. Stories and pics to follow in the days "2" come.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of a semi-sunset at Manila Bay.

27 April 2008

Unofficial Philippine Blogger Day

Yesterday felt like a Philippine National Blogger Day as there were 2 major events specifically geared towards bloggers.

iBLOG4, an annual blog summit was a whole day affair held at the Malcolm Theater at the UP College of Law. The event included a series of topics discussed and presented by distinguished, experienced and noted speakers. One of my favorite talks was about the legalities of blogging as this is an interesting and current issue. With the emergence of bloggers and the popularity of blogging, this topic is timely. It was basically a legal "do's and don'ts ". I also enjoyed Aileen and Coy's presentation on vlogging and podcasting. I was part of the video crew (translation: tagahawak ng digicam with matching personal moral support for sweetie). Ria's talk on the history and emergence of a blogger culture in Davao is uplifting and a real success story. Positivity , teamwork and a common goal for the good are their keys to success.

The evening set a social mood for the bloggers as 88db.com organized a blogger's party with the theme "Come as your blog". The party had bloggers representing their blogs as batangyagit.com, pinoyblogero.com and chickenmafia.com proved to be worthy finalists to faithfully represent their respective blogs. I was rooting for batangyagit.com but majority backed up chickenmafia.com for their cartolina human chicken costume. They even have a tutorial on how to make it if you feel the need to dress as a chicken someday. I was dressed up as a DJ equipped with headphones, sporting a turntable and mixer shirt, and an autobot blingbling. I even had to dig up a vinyl record from my dusty bodega to use as additional props. But it was all cool and fun for a change representing my blog instead of my website.

Overall the day was a blast for all bloggers. Nice to have seen the faces of those people behind their blogs. Mabuhay ang Pinoy Bloggers !!!

(pictures to follow, tinamad ako magdala ng digicam kasi. Aileen has all the photos).

23 April 2008

Half Rice for Half the Price

Finally !
Cafeterias serve it, carinderias offer it.. it's about time fastfood joints follow.

Now you can order half a cup of rice for half the price of a full cup.... for those who feel "bitin" with a cup of rice. It usually happens when you still have "ulam" (viand) left yet you've consumed your rice. This is for those who feel that one cup of rice is not enough and two cups of rice is too much.

Available currently at Tropical Hut and KFC.

Woohoo !!!

22 April 2008

Looks Like We Made It

I'm referring to my ballpen which I was able to consume to the last drop of ink. The Barry Manilow song comes to mind cause "we made it." To put it in a clearer perspective, I have a higher probability of misplacing and eventually losing a pen than consuming its entire ink capacity.

My ballpen ran out of ink while I was at KFC earlier today filling out a bunch of government forms. I had to buy a new one immediately. Too bad there wasn't any pen like the one I had... only some puny ballpens which I was forced to choose from.

The other day though, I remember using my pen while brainstorming for lyrics. And so I dedicate this to you, my beloved pen. Forgive me for I have to replace you. Do not despair, you have served me well.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

3 Moons ?

This is a picture I took the other night. Are there really 3 moons ? Not really. The smaller two circles are streetlights.

19 April 2008

Wishing For The Wishing Well

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Pampanga and exited at one of the reststops located along the North Luzon Expressway stretch.

After taking a break, I noticed that there was a small pond near the other side of the parking lot. Exemplifying the usual exploring tourist, I went there to take a picture. From afar, I saw the sign "drop a coin, make a wish" which got me excited. When I got there, I saw this murky, greenish colored water. It must have been filled with lots of moss underneath that you couldn't see any coins on the pond's floor. If there were any fish here before, I'm sure their skeletons can be retrieved by CSI on the bottom floor.

I wonder if your wish counts if you toss it into a dirty wishing pond.
But I did anyway... tossed 3 25 centavo coins and a one peso coin.
My wish ?

"That someone have mercy and clean this pond".

18 April 2008

Smashing Laptops

I bet if you own a laptop, you'd cringe with this video even if it's not yours.

14 April 2008

Malicious code hacking websites left & right

I usually don't post anything very technical here since it's my blog outside of work. But this commands immediate concern for all website owners since this trojan spread like wildfire on the internet over the weekend.

The trojan can modify all php pages of a website and add iframe codes to redirect and retrieve content from cdpuvhfzz.com. (DON'T ACCESS THAT SITE!).

It hacked one of my websites and I found out about it when it messed up a configuration on my image gallery. It also uploaded code in the form of a jpg file and a zip file posed as an image. I thought I had restored that section until my friend called me up to tell me that my website is being reported as having a virus. She used Avira anti-virus and the virus reported was Javabyte verify g.3, JS/Openconnect J.3 and HTML/Rce.Gen. My website doesn't have any java so I checked the scripts afterwards. After researching on the virus, I found code attached to some recently modified pages. It attaches this code to your page:

h t t p: / / c d p u v b h f z z . c o m / d l / a d v 9 8 . p h p

I later found out that I wasn't the only one hacked. Over the weekend, there has been a considerable amount of discussion, concern, and panic a lot of webmasters regarding this. At first it seemed that it targeted users of the Coppermine Image Gallery. But I've read that even online communities such as Wordpress, Vbulletin forums, phpBB forums and other websites have been infected. One site had to modify 10,000 php pages to remove the code which was attached in each and every page.

The domain which is included in the malicious code was registered via a Chinese registrar just last March 31, 2008 to a certain Mark Arnold.

Technical Contact:
Mark Arnold
+13.193387549 fax: +13.193387549
201 East Benton Street
Iowa City KY 522401

I wonder if he's the culprit or if he's also a victim and someone's using his name and contact.

For more details, you can search for it online here.
Hope no one else has been badly hit. I'm sure this has kept a lot of webmasters on their toes for some sleepless nights.

12 April 2008

The Dollar Series

I regularly visit local money changers whenever I need to have US dollars exchanged to Philippine peso currency. It's usually a quick process. Give your dollars to the teller, get a receipt for how much the peso equivalent is based on their current exchange rate, and get your pesos. It's that simple.

However, recently, I've been frustrated with the fact that some money changers are a bit picky when accepting dollar bills. They seem to be particular about the "series" clause usually found on the front of the bills. If I'm not mistaken, this stands for the year the bill was created. The text says "Series" and a year next to it or below it. Most bills range from 1990 to the present.
I didn't give much notice to this until the teller told me that they won't accept my bill cause it's a "Series 1996" bill. I had two other bills which they accepted. I asked what year did it have, and they showed me my other two bills had a "Series 2003" text. I even told the teller that these bills came directly from the States (My visiting aunt gave it to me). But it doesn't matter to them.

So now, I'm kinda stuck with some Series 1996 bills and trying to have them exchanged. I learned from my aunt that money changers in the provinces are not very particular with the series. In Manila though, it's not the case. If I can't exchange it, my last option would be to deposit it in a bank. But my original intention was to spend it, not save it.

And so I'm more aware when receiving US dollar bills. Always check for the series.

Driving With Fuel Economy And Efficiency

Nowadays, the prices of gas are really expensive and it seems that it's not going down in the near future. Unleaded gas in the Philippines goes for around P45.00 per liter, which is more than 1 US dollar.

I think that instead of trying to find sources for inexpensive gas or hope the prices go down, it's practical to own a car that in itself can conserve fuel. That's why when Honda launches the VCM 643, it's pleasing to know that this new car conserves fuel while maximizing its use. It's fuel economy and efficiency is a great feature for those who dread spending for gas.

It seems like it's the main feature of this Honda Model because the letters in the VCM 643 model stand for Variable Cylinder Management, the technology used in maintaining power and optimizing fuel economy simultaneously. The number 6 represents the powerful V6 engine while the 4 and 3 represent that in these cylinder modes, it can produce both power & fuel efficiency, and fuel saving respectively.

I'd say this car would ease the worrying about your gas budget especially when strapped for cash.

11 April 2008

The Centennial Terminal

I had to do some researching the other day on the Centennial Terminal, also known as Terminal 2 of NAIA. I had to send off some family friends there and I am only familiar with The Domestic Terminal and NAIA Terminal 1. I read up on Wikipedia about Ninoy Aquino International Airport before going there and asked some directions from friends. Here are my 10 personal discoveries.

  1. Terminal 2 is home to Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines, its sister company.
  2. It looks like NAIA Terminal 1, only better.
  3. It seems less crowded since other airlines are not bunched up here.
  4. The parking lot is cleaner. The restrooms are more presentable.
  5. There's a building that appears to ba a control tower right in the middle of the parking lot.
  6. Departures are on the upper level while arrivals are at ground level.
  7. There's a Figaro coffee shop at the North Wing near international arrivals.
  8. There's a separate entrance for 1st class, business class, diplomats and VIP. I wonder when I'll be any of those any time soon.
  9. Getting to this airport means having to go through traffic caused by both domestic and international terminals.
  10. Because of No. 9, get there as early as possible to avoid panicking car passengers who keep on checking their watch in fear they may miss their flight. (I blame C5 traffic due to the elevated flyover construction).
And while I was reading up on Manila's airports, here's an interesting tidbit I got:

"The original airport that served Manila, the Manila International Air Terminal, was opened in July 1937 on Nielson Field, the runways of which now form the Makati Triangle of Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Avenue, and Makati Avenue. In 1948, when the airport ceased operations in Makati to relocate elsewhere, ownership of the airport’s permanent facilities was passed on to the owner of the land, Ayala y Cia." (Source: Wikipedia)

No wonder that triangular block seems so straight.

07 April 2008

Things To Do When Stuck In Traffic

1. Listen to podcasts on your mp3 player.
2. Look at what's happening in other cars beside you.
3. Clean the insides of your car. (You can clean the outside too if traffic is really bad).
4. Initiate a honking war with other drivers bored.
5. Scratch every part of your body.

And if you're really bored, how about this ?

03 April 2008

Typewriter Keyboard

I've always been a fan of computer modding, the art of transforming a boring computer case into an interesting form of art. Whether it may be character or movie themed like Alien vs. Predator, Finding Nemo, 101 Dalmations, Counterstrike or a kick-ass original design like infusing a lava lamp and aquarium in your cpu case, the possibilities are endless.

I found this mod designed for a keyboard, simulating a manual typewriter. The keys were actually taken from an old typewriter and fastened to a steel-plated keyboard. I just find it a cool concept.

You can read more about how it was built here.
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