08 August 2006

The Saddest Day of the Year So Far

I attribute my personal saddest couple of days to be last week because 3 things happened:
1. I got sick with the flu.
2. My website went down and I was too physically weak to even use the computer to fix it.
3. I lost 1 week worth of revenue because of No. 2
4. My loved one was ill too.

Now that I thought of it, it's been 1 1/2 years since I last got sick. And I don't miss it one bit. For someone who's a workaholic and is not content doing nothing, it was such an unbearable and frustrating week for me as I was restricted from doing anything but getting rest so I could get well.

And if that wasn't irritating enough, imagine my frustration that I couldn't even use the computer to go online and fix my website who is still suffering from server migration pains.

My website went down along with me for a week and I fear it sustained some damage in some way. I know it affected my steady visitor count. Also since my website was down, my online store was as well and I couldn't receive any product orders. Lastly, my advertising revenue also screeched to an abrupt halt with no ads being displayed due to the site downtime.

Lastly, the person I wished for additional comfort was in need of comfort as well as she was sick the same time I was too. As much as I wanted to be there for her, I myself was in the same predicament. We were like in a mutual support system where we had to reassure each other everything was going to be fine.

I dread having to go through something like this again. I can handle single blows but if they come in multiples, I may not be able to handle it.

Quoting my friend who texted me last week, "bawal magkasakit."


R.O. said...


Take VCO capsules (virgin coconut oil) to boost your immune system.
(Side effect: profuse perspiration.)

Get well soon.

wary_of_scars said...

Oh man, bummer ain't it? Uso talaga flu ngayon, buti nga yung sakin 3 days lang inabot. Hope you're ok now kasi Lunes sa awards night.^_^

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear this. hope you feel a lot better now. talk to you soon!

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