Celebrating World Tourism Day with Wendy, the Travel Writer

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The theme for this year's World Tourism Day is "Tourism and Green Investments," emphasizing the need for greater and better-targeted investments for people, planet, and prosperity.

In celebration of World Tourism Day, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to catch up with my travel blogger friends and revisit their blogs.

Wendy from whywendywrites.com

I reconnected with my former colleague, Wendy Ng, who is passionate about travel and tourism. We worked as part of a Public Affairs team, but I was pleasantly surprised when I learned then that she is also a travel writer who has been writing about travel since 2013.

Wendy believes that knowing more allows us to travel better, so she writes to provide useful information to travelers and to promote appreciation and understanding of the places they visit, as well as the local communities and their stories.

Wendy's publications and guides have also appeared in a variety of media, including Tripadvisor, Klook, Skyscanner, Tripzilla, and others I personally use for reviews and suggestions. She has also worked with the Taiwan Tourism Administration Singapore, the Japan National Tourism Organization, and the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau, and she has published various travel guides for Japan and Taiwan.

Knowing Wendy's vast travel experience, I asked her what advice she could give to other travelers like me, and what her message is for World Tourism Day.

Here are a few tips from Wendy:
  • Immerse in slow travel by spending more time exploring places rather than only visiting well-known tourist locations.
  • Travel in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment and local communities. When we take vacations, we don’t stop caring about the planet.
  • Explore places using other modes of transportation like trains and buses. Even walking or riding a bike adds to your fascination and appreciation for the areas you explore.
Insightful tips and I will try to include them in my next travel. And what message does Wendy have for us travelers this World Tourism Day?

“On World Tourism Day, I encourage everyone to think about how they can be responsible travelers. We all have a role to play in protecting the environment and supporting the local communities we visit so that future generations can experience the beautiful places that the planet has to offer. Our travels may be short, but we can still make a big difference ”

For more tips, see her newly renovated website whywendywrites.com packed with travel advice and guides.

Thanks Wendy!

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