Not Used to The MegaMall Anymore

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I recently went to Megamall to look for a particular item.

I used to be here almost everyday years ago since my office was nearby. Years after, and the horde of people entering this mall is still immense.

This time I was trying to lay low, keeping my head slightly tilted towards the floor and not looking too much at people. I was actually avoiding seeing someone I know. I was just too lazy to made an effort to call their attention or make some chitchat in the case I do bump into someone I know. I just wanted to get my business done and get out of there.

Unforunately, I did see someone I knew, a former college batchmate of mine. Good thing he didn't see me so I didn't have to say Hi. I know, it looks bad but I wasn't in a social mood that day. Don't worry, I'm not usually this way.

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