I Started a New YouTube Channel - And It's About Cats!

Friday, June 30, 2023

Yes! It's called Grey The Tabby Cat

Backstory: For the past two years, I've been keenly studying and following YouTube strategies and have learned a lot about strategies, content creation, and managing a channel. I thought it would be a great time to put all my knowledge to good use and prove those theories, strategies, and tips right.

My main YouTube channel, though, is really a personal one that I created way back in 2007. Since I wasn't actively recording video clips then, I was limited to the random video clips I took from my phone or of some place I visited if I brought my digicam with me. A few years later, I did a purge, removing videos that I found irrelevant or not in line with my channel. What was left were mainly music videos of me playing the piano or organ. As much as I enjoy playing music, I knew that recording music videos and posting regularly would take up a lot of time, not to mention the time I needed to practice and rehearse each song.

My channel is still there with all my music performances, but it's more for sharing with friends, and sometimes a few people like the music they hear. And I'm thankful for that. However, posting anything other than music may be counterproductive to its growth.

I created a test channel to learn more without disrupting my main channel. It helped me a lot to experience firsthand how to maximize its use, and I really learned a lot. So I was ready to create a new themed channel and apply all that I had learned. But what other topic should I consider?

I was always fascinated by how many cat videos were on YouTube, but I never thought of creating videos myself. After all, we didn't have a cat.


We do have cats that visit us every day. They're feral cats that live in the neighborhood and visit most of the homes on our block, including ours. When we first moved in, we noticed a certain gray cat would roam around, seeming eager to meet the new owners. As a family, we found ourselves talking about the cat over meals, and so I figured that sharing this and our experience with a feral cat would be a nice niche for a YouTube channel. And so Grey The Tabby Cat's YouTube channel was born.

I'm happy to say that to date, there have been 13 episodes. I post once a week (every Friday night or Saturday morning) and upload a few YouTube shorts during the rest of the week.

Ready to binge-watch Grey and learn more about him and his life?

Here's an episode run-down:

  1. Intro to Grey / Trailer

  2. Where Is Grey’s Sweet Spot?

  3. Uncovering The Secrets of the Garden of Grey

  4. Grey’s Night Out (From Dusk Till Dawn)

  5. How Grey Got His Name (It’s Not What You Think)

  6. Grey The Scavenger or Explorer?

  7. Did Food Lead Grey Here?

  8. The Tale of Grey’s Tail

  9. The Grey Heart (Not As Gray As You Think)

  10. The Grey Montage / Grey The Model

  11. 5 Interesting Facts About Grey You Didn’t Know

  12. Look out Grey: There’s a New Tabby In Town

  13. Could This Young Tabby Be Grey’s Daughter?

Do say "hello" to Grey the cat in the video comments!

Hope you subscribe and like the videos. 


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