I Did Not Expect This Problem From Live Looping

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Since I got my new MIDI controller a few months ago, I wanted to try make a lot of devices and apps work.

Here's what I wanted to do:

  1. Use my Akai Professional MPK Mini MIDI controller to enter the notes and data for the song.
  2. Use my Korg nanoKontrol 2 to control the record, play and stop buttons and control the track volume.
  3. Use FL Studio to connect the 2 MIDI controllers, and sequence the live looping.
  4. Use my Xiaomi mobile phone as a second webcam to record video of my hands while playing live.
  5. OBS Studio for recording the audio and video live.
The only part that didn't work when I setup everything was the mobile phone video feed. Since there was considerable delay, I just had to record it separately and add it in the post-video production, which I was hoping I didn't need to do since I wanted everything recorded in one take. 

Practicing, setting up, and simulating all this took a week or two as I staggered putting everything together. It was my first time to try this setup so I was totally fine not hurrying it up.

So how did it go? I made a few mistakes in the first two takes, but the third take went smooth... until this happened.

I thought I had all my bases covered in terms of bringing everything together. What I failed to realize is that every take I recorded occupied more and more disk space on my laptop. By the time I recorded my third take, I ran out of hard disk space. And so even though the song had gone well live, it suddenly got cut by a disk full error.

Sorry Senorita. We'll have to backup some files before we record again.

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