5 Apps That I Considered Uninstalling Because of Quarantine

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

With most of the world staying safe by staying at home, businesses have been severely affected.  Technology has come to the rescue in terms of making services readily available online. However, not all apps have something to offer at this time.

That being said, here's 5 apps I'm considering to uninstall and my take whether to remove it from my phone or not. 

1.  Swarm.  
I started using it way back when it was Foursquare around a decade ago. It was fun checking in places, and seeing where your friends are also. The most favorite feature I liked about it is claiming mayorship for a place. That made me actively check into places even if I knew there were security risks involved in it. As Foursquare eventually migrated its original check-in features to Swarm, I switched to Swarm even if it wasn't as fun as Foursquare. Eventually, my friends slowly stopped using it. I occasionally logged on to see where my remaining friends were traveling to. Presently though since most of my friends are staying put wherever they are in the world, checking-in to Swarm isn't that much dynamic and active.

Will I uninstall? I'll keep the app and probably resume using it when the current situation changes.

2. Restaurant apps.  
I would regularly open my restaurant apps such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Simply Wraps, Soup Spoon and other similar apps to check for promos, points.  

Will I uninstall? Most of these apps require a login account which I already have. Deleting these apps won't delete my accounts. So the moment I need to free up space, deleting these apps are on the top of my list.

3. Transportation apps.  
I have a couple of apps dedicated to specific transportation info for buses, taxis and MRTs.  Since I'm not commuting, they're not of much use. Even if the app provides additional info like schedules and frequencies, it's not much use for me to know that a bus or MRT that I may never take in the near future is arriving in 5 minutes. 

Will I uninstall? Yes. I could easily re-install it once I resume going out like to the office, to the mall or go anywhere that isn't walking distance.

4. Flight apps.  
As our family became frequent fliers, I was a frequent user of airline apps, airport apps, and flight tracking apps. It's pretty handy for checking booked flights, flight schedules, and notifications for your flight.

Will I uninstall? I'm pretty much grounded from going out of the house, much more traveling out of the country. I can uninstall them except for Flightradar. Since there are very few planes actually flying, it's interesting to find out which airlines are in operation and where their planes are heading to. It's also handy to identify a plane that passes by while you randomly glance at the sky in the comforts of your own home.

5. Hotel booking apps.
Hotel? Right now, my home is my hotel. Regardless of the discounts, promo points, free upgrades and, any additional perks they may offer, that's all pretty much useless while I'm staying put at home.

Will I uninstall? Yes. See you on my phone when I do resume travel again.


Online shopping apps.
As much as they're very useful during this time where you can't go out, online shopping and delivery are a huge help to everyone. So why would I consider uninstalling it? Only if it causes me to spend more than what I should for the wrong reasons.
Will I uninstall? No, but I urge everyone to practice maximum tolerance when doing online shopping. The ease of use makes it so convenient that it's tempting to add and add to your shopping cart without calculating if you could carry everything home.

What do you think about this list? What apps have you uninstalled or are consider uninstalling and why?

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