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Monday, April 13, 2009

I've been a blogger for quite a while and met a lot of great people.   I've seen different kinds of blogs too: personal, political, food, travel, fashion, tech, local, global and whole lot more various kinds that may not even be classifiable.

I've seen personalities, political figures and celebrities jump in the bandwagon and have their own blogs too.

So this is a first for me and a real delight to discover that Kristie Kenney, the US Ambassador to the Philippines, has a blog too !

Aside from the role of being the official US ambassador to bridge any concerns of Americans residing in the Philippines and other duties of the Ambassador, Kristie Kenney is also active in representing and joining goodwill projects for the benefit of Filipinos.   I was honored to have attended one event of MTV which promoted public awareness of human trafficking and what can be done to stop it.

I also got to see her last year when she was also the guest of honor at during the US Navy 7th Fleet free concert at the Mall of Asia.  

And it was cool for her to be at the ribbon cutting of the very first Philippine branch of Krispy Kreme opening at Bonifacio High Street since both of them had the same initials (KK).

Check out her blog to know Kristie Kenney on a more personal level.   Learn about her insights on the Philippines and culture through her perspective and find out what projects she's been involved with lately.  Thanks Ms. Kenney for blogging !

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  1. I don't like ambassadors as i see them as just figures who does nothing during their terms.

    But since madam Ambassador Kristie Kenney came, My view changed.

    This lady is everywhere! She's really a performing ambassador. I see her as a hardworking individual.

    I bet if she runs for a senate seat, she'll win.

  2. Yes, Kristie Kenney is a great ambassador. She does a whole lot more than just hold office here. You know cause she's very visible in the media.

    I think the Philippines is lucky to have an ambassador like Kristie Kenney.