One Goes, One Comes Along

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My cousin had her despedida last night cause she's going to Canada to work.  We kinda grew up together as kids.   We didn't get to see each other often even if she just lives two houses away from us but whenever there were some events or gimmicks, she was my backup partner in crime and I was the same for her.   I remember she had me tag along her date when a commercial model was courting her (I was a kid back then and so I was just happy for the free food). I was her escort when she joined Miss Marikina (and the smallest escort among all).   She was my dance partner when I wanted to go clubbing.  We used to team up during Christmas reunions where she'd sing and I'd play on keyboards.   We could also pass for brother-sister cause we look alike (Needless to say, she's pretty... LOL!).  We'll still be able to keep in touch via the internet so that's cool.

And at the same time last night, my other childhood friend arrived from the States.   I haven't seen her in more than a decade and the last time she was here was like 20 years ago.  We've been able to send some Christmas greeting cards and letters through the years when the internet was't that popular yet and for the past few years, I got to exchange e-mails with her sister who goes online more than she does so we still get to be in touch.  Their family has been friends with our family too.   

Looking back, it's funny that in one night you can say hello and goodbye, wish one well and welcome another, both start and end missing someone and simultaneously be sad and happy.    One finally comes back from thousands of miles away while one leaves to travel thousands of miles distant.  It's the balance of life.   

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