Holy David !

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last week I was at the mall during one of those mall-wide sales. I went to Comic Odyssey to check out any transformers figures they may possible have on sale.

While I was browsing through the items, one of the salesmen approached me and asked what my religion is. I found it soooo strange to be asked that and wondering why he ask. Being careful of what I was going to answer, I answered him with the question, "Why do you want to know ?".

What I had on my mind were those people who approach you, talk about faith and then try to recruit you to convert and join their religious sector. I thought his next line was going to be something like "Do you believe in God ?" or "Do you believe in your faith ?" type of questions.

Instead, he answered that I was holding a book that had the words "Merciful God In Heaven Above!" printed at the back in bold. What he failed to read was the very next line which read "An Altogether New Collection of Top Ten Lists!".

I was holding An ALTOGETHER NEW BOOK OF TOP TEN LISTS LATE NIGHT DAVID LETTERMAN, which I was reading to pass time and got it cheap on sale (P15.00 only). It's a joke book for crying out loud. What would make you think I'd be holding a bible with David Letterman's face on the cover ? I had to explain to him it was a joke book and had nothing to do with religion. I don't think I look THAT holy to pass off for a preacher.

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