Owning Where You Live Your Life

Monday, January 14, 2008

A lot of our material possessions come and go. Some get lost, some are upgraded or downgraded, some become out of order, render useless or expire, and some are just simply not needed.

Furniture sometimes is replaced with more timely and fashionable models. Dishes tend to break or wear out. Clothes fade in color and threads start to run if not already forming holes. Gadgets like computers, mobile phones, television sets become outdated and are usually replaced with newer, faster and better ones. Food needs to be consumed to refrain from expiry and forming of molds and other forms of bacteria.

There are a couple of material things though that need to be there and aren't easy to replace because they have become a backbone and extension to our being. And that is our home. It's something very basic, yet unique for each individual and family living in one since they form the experience and memories which make it unique. People and objects may come and go to and from your home but your abode stays. It's something the people living there can proudly claim as their shelter where they feel safe and sound. It's part of where we live our lives.

Yet even something as basic as housing is not necessarily easy to acquire. The search for one based on personal preferences such as location, size, shape are to deal with. Furthermore, personal budgets also dictate whether it be feasible and afforable or not.

Thanks to government projects such as the HDB (Housing & Development Board) in Singapore, it provides Singapore citizens and residents low-cost and affordable solutions enabling them to eventually become a satisfied home-owner. Flexible terms and options allow qualified individuals to acquire houses they can soon call "home".

If you don't know where to begin, there are online services and solutions which provide assistance in looking for HDB property which can serve as your online broker. One need not be savvy nor knowledgeable in real estate to be able to find their ideal house.

Whatever shape or size, may we all find the house we can call "home".

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