Disappearing U-Turns

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last week I was at Eastwood to meet up with a couple of media friends to proceed to an MTV shoot along C5. My usual route is passing through C5 from the newly built Diosdado Macapagal Bridge and I know where all the u-turns are situated.

To my surprise, the two u-turns I could take going to Eastwood were gone...blocked by huge concrete dividers. And so I went all the way to the Ortigas intersection and underneath the flyover was the nearest u-turn. That was already quite far from Eastwood. So I got to Eastwood late. Good thing someone came in later than me (could it be because of the same problem I encountered?)

When my friends and I finally decided to leave for the shoot, we later found out too that the next 2 u-turns that used to be there were blocked and so we went all the way to the flyover and underneath was able to make a u-turn.

Aside from inconvenience, this is time and gas consuming. Imagine being stuck in traffic in the opposite direction of where you're going. I'm getting farther than where I want to go.

I thought this was worse enough but the other day, I caught MMDA changing the u-turns on Marcos Highway. This one is much worse. Instead of removing the U-turns, they mofidied them so if you take one U-turn, you can't change lanes and would pass your destination cause of an additional fence dividing the road. This causes you to take 2 u-turns, one on the main road and another at the nearest block accessible after a long pink fence divider. Sounds confusing ? Cause it is.

It's making my trips inconvenient now. Plus I think this new setup is more accident prone.

I hope MMDA notices how much more traffic they've caused and do something to fix it.

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