TimeZone is My Escape Zone

Saturday, August 04, 2007

One of my favorite past times to break the monotony of my work and at the same time serves as a stress-reliever is playing some games at the nearest Timezone branch.

I finally got my Timezone Gold card. What do you need to be eligible for one ? You need to have spent a total of P5,000. to get one. I had no idea I accumulated that much playing only a handful of games.

So what do you get out of a Gold card ? Aside from some discounts from certain establishments, you get the VIP rate of each game all the time. And my favorite benefit is... getting a free game everyday. It gives me reason to pass by Timezone everyday just to take advantage of my cool daily freebie.

Aside from those perks, there's also the chance to invite 7 other people within a 1 month span before or after your birthday, to join you in a 1 hour play-all-you-can session . I had planned to get my barkada's children with my inaanaks to join me so I could treat them to a good time. Unfortunately, all of them were unavailable. Good thing my college kabarkada closest to where I live had three boys who were all free to join me. I could see the excitement in their faces to meet up with me at Timezone. Including their dad, all 5 of us played for 1 entire hour. It was lots of fun and one of my kabarkada's kids even gave me a humongous squeeze of a hug for treating them to Timezone.

Timezone rocks ! I wonder how much you need to get a franchise. Cheaper than Jollibee I'm sure.

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