Internet Mobile Marketing Awards

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Years ago, the mobile phone was primarily used for voice. Nowadays, the use of mobile phones for data is just as much crucial as voice. Mobility, easy deployment, compact form factor, interconnectivity, availability and ease of use have all contributed to the success of what the mobile technology is today.

As for the internet, what may not have existed as a major industry two decades ago, is now one of the most exciting industries around. The fast-paced evolution of the internet is one that companies should keep up with, to take advantage of the latest business solutions it has to offer.

And while marketing has been around for the longest time, it's the fusion with the ever-emerging and technology evolving internet and mobile which has driven visionaries to use this tool the fullest extent.

And what better way to find out if you're one the top players in the industry than to
Submit an entry to the Boomerang Awards: the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards.

The Boomerang Awards is holding its first Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards in the Philippines to give recognition to marketing campaigns that have utilized the internet and mobile devices as tools to meet business objectives in the most creative and breakthrough manner.

Internet and mobile campaigns launched in the Philippines between January 1, 2005 and March 31, 2007 qualify to enter this event.

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